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XFL on the Way to St. Louis

Today, it was made official. The XFL will come to St. Louis as one of the first teams of the newly reformed league when it launches in 2020. The announcement was made at 11AM by Vince McMahon and XFL Commissioner and CEO, Oliver Luck via press conference at MetLife Stadium in New York. The announcement comes after KSDK’s, Frank Cusumano, revealed we would receive a team on November 27th and after the XFL leaked the 8 host cities on their website at the beginning of the month. Explore St. Louis President, Kitty Ratcliffe, spoke on behalf of St. Louis delegation at the press conference.

The arrival of the XFL in St. Louis will fill a void left when the Stan Kroenke took his money to already overburdened Los Angeles because, why not? 5 games will played in St. Louis in a normal XFL season. They will be played at the Dome at the America’s Center. As I detailed in my letter from January, I said...

For the city, tax revenue will go up and there will be more visitors downtown on game days which will help our downtown restaurants and stores and truly help grow the overall economy.

I still believe this and I believe that this will be the case when the XFL arrives in 2020. As for how the attendance goes, it depends on whether St. Louisans will be willing to stick it to Stan Kroenke and give another football organization a chance.

Personally, I see the XFL having pretty good attendance in St. Louis with the Dome more than 3/4 of the way full in the first few games. And if we play really well, we could even increase attendance count. No doubt this is a huge announcement for St. Louis and no doubt it will have a substantial impact on Downtown St. Louis as a whole, moving forward. Whether or not the new XFL lasts depends on multiple factors, but choosing St. Louis is a great start for the newly reformed organization.

While we converse and debate over the XFL coming here and adding some life to our dull looking Dome, we are also on the MLS’ radar for a team. In all, it’s a great time to be in St. Louis with two new sports teams on the way and a building boom reshaping our region. I guess time will tell what the XFL and MLS bring to the table in terms of development and growth. In the meantime, welcome to St. Louis XFL! We’ll welcome you here while still sticking it to Stan Kroenke who owes us.

Data and Facts...

  • The first games will be played on February 8th and 9th, 2020.

  • They intend to play every Spring.

  • 10 normal season games, 2 semi-finals and one final game.,

  • Safety is a number one priority.

  • Games will be faster.

  • Tickets will be very affordable.

  • Gambling will be allowed.

  • Other cities included New York City, Dallas, Houston, Loa Angeles, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC.

  • The new XFL will be more family friendly (so no more stripper cheerleaders).

Learn more about the XFL on their website: or you can reserve a season pass and but St. Louis related merchandise on their website's St. Louis page:

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