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Forsyth Point Grows Even Larger

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

In early March, I wrote a story titled "Forsyth Pointe Returns and Grows Larger", now US Capital Development has submitted a new plan to the Clayton Architectural Review Board that takes into consideration a number of factors since the March 9th story. First, Flaherty and Collins cancelled their 22-Story Shaw Park Apartments tower at the corner of Brentwood and Forsyth. This allowed for US Capital to come in and take over the property that F&C was going to build on. And second, it is rumored that Centene is drastically reducing the scope of their Clayton Urban Campus project. This would mean that office space in the fastest growing office market in St. Louis would be under a crunch for space.

As it currently stands, Forsyth Point will rise 13 stories, and 195FT above Forsyth and Brentwood Boulevard. The reconfiguration, from the loss of the apartment tower, will give tenants premier views into Shaw Park and will make a great impact on the Clayton skyline when viewed from I-170 North and Forest Park Parkway East. The change could also allow rooftop signage to be visible from more places than the previous configuration but at this point, I do not believe that rooftop signage is planned.

One of the more notable design changes is the increase in the size of the parking garage. While the first floor will include 3 retail bays, which US Capital describes as....

"A large, continual street-level experience for pedestrians, restaurant goers, and residents long this portion of the Central Business District."

To summarize, it will be interactive at the street level and not a fortress. But the parking garage itself has become mega sized. At 786 total spaces, spread out over 6 floors, it will become a monster garage. Of them, 61 spaces will be public parking for people visiting the building's tenants (both office and retail) and the 13th floor event space.

The parking garage itself will include some glass accenting and will have large open areas for ventilation on the Northern and Eastern facades. On top of the parking garage/podium base will be a green roof that will be used by tenants of the building. According to US Capital...

"The terrace will provide great views of Clayton and other parts of St. Louis."

But the views from the podium terrace won't be near as good as those from the 13th Floor terrace.

The 13th Floor will be home to a good sized amount of office space while the remainder will have a kitchen, event space and maintenance room. The terrace for the event space will be located on the Forsyth facing side and will give people views into Shaw Park, Clayton and maybe even Downtown St. Louis if you look closely.

The Clayton Architectural Review Board documents do not specify the overall cost of the development but the architect is Midtown-based Remiger Design. No contractor has been selected at this point. US Capital and Elmtree Funds, the two current office tenants on the site, will move into Forsyth Point upon it's completion along with a yet to be anmed tenant that has been in Clayton for sometime. Leasable square footage in the office portion of Forsyth Point will reach 166,000SF of space, that's over 100,000SF more than what the original 2017 proposal called for.

Forsyth Point will sit on Forsyth Boulevard, which has long been specified as the place with the the most expensive office space in the region. While no rent per square foot has been published, US Capital is going for Class A+ and LEED certification for the office space, which will surely fetch top dollar.

Previous Designs

Below are two of the previous designs of Forsyth Point. The first was by Forum Studio (2017) and the second one was by Remiger Design (early 2019). The latest design iteration is dated May 31st, 2019.

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