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4101 Manchester Gets New, Architecturally Significant Design

Updated: May 23, 2019

This month's Park Central Development agenda brought us a new look at Spencer Development's 4101 Manchester project. The project has been under construction for over a month now with foundation caissons being drilled throughout the site but now things have changed. The latest design iteration presents the most architecturally significant building in the City since One Hundred was unveiled. The mix of curved glass and a eastern curved facade break up the concrete box design. Recessed balconies are still present but follow a angular glass wall similar to that of One Hundred.

Other changes include the Eastern facade, which now includes a curved concrete atrium where green space could be. The feature is an odd addition but one that serves a future purpose in regards to the near vicinity. Elsewhere, it appears that the make up remains the same. The first floor will have retail space. The second floor will include parking. The third floor is office space and a terrace and the 4th-7th floors are apartments. The 7 floor height is disputed, however. Some angles show 6 floors and some show 7.

Some may wonder why the design was changed with construction go on. Sometimes if a new design is created during construction, it can go off of the previously designed foundation design. That appears to be the case here since foundation crews have been hard at work recently.

The new design will add a very different flare to the East end of the Grove and will bring some interesting modern architecture to the neighborhood. The style is brutalist in many ways and carries similarities to some of French Architect's, Le Corbusier's projects.

According to sources, Trivers is no longer the project's architect. While the architect's name hasn't been released, some are saying that it is the first time a project in St. Louis had been designed by the firm. Others say it is an in house architect. Either way, the architect, and developer, have created a forward thinking design that pushes the boundaries for future projects in the neighborhood. The cost, under the previous iteration, was nearly $16 Million. There has been no word as to whether or not the cost of this project has changed.

An additional 2 renderings are below followed by an evolution of the project.

The Evolution of 4101 Manchester

I have compiled the 4 designs of 4101 Manchester from Spencer Development. They can be found below.

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