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Wilkinson School Rehab Closer to Happening

This story was originally published on November 13th on the old website.

These renderings were posted by 24th Ward Alderman, Scott Ogilvie, on Twitter today. The old Wilkinson School in the Ellendale Neighborhood, has been poised for redevelopment into lofts for a long time and now, there is some serious movement. Ogilvie tweeted that the developer, Advantes Group, would close on the property at 7201 Arsenal, next month. This development is long awaited in terms of it happening with a previous plan from a few years ago died in the financing process. The development will also bring a new mixed use building with office space and 8 more apartments. Elsewhere, the redevelopment will have a dog park, resident patio and parking. No retail will be include in the development. The redevelopment of the Wilkinson School comes as numerous other school buildings in St. Louis City are being converted into loft style apartments. The most recent one in Ogilvie's Ward is the Gratiot School at Hampton and Manchester. That project truly improved the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Garcia was developer on that project. Other school to loft projects in the city include the Lyon School in Carondelet, Carr School in Carr Square and Clark School in the Academy Neighborhood. Both of the Northside schools do not have defined timelines as of yet but could come sooner rather than later. Another redevelopment of a significant building, although not a school, will be happening in South Hampton at the former Southampton Presbyterian Church at Macklind and Nottingham.

The Wilkinson School has been vacant for a decade, so redevelopment is welcome. This project will add 37 loft apartments to the city's Southwest side.

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