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Waterman and Clara Apartment Building Heads to the Preservation Board

Updated: May 20, 2021

A 5-story apartment building on a presently vacant lot at the southeast corner of Waterman and Clara in the Debaliviere Place neighborhood is heading to the Preservation Board.

The building, designed by Zwick and Gandt, was proposed a few months ago, but after receiving complaints from neighbors, the developer pulled the project. Now the project has been re-proposed with a design to match the surrounding area. A basic black and white rendering shows a building clad in brick and having a classic design. Elevations in the Preservation Board agenda reveal that the other three sides of the building will be clad in brick, stone and metal. The south facing facade will feature 35 balconies.

The cultural resources office is recommending that the Preservation Board grant preliminary approval to new design subject to review of final design and finishes. The developer was previously reported at Greg Daney with Real Estate Wholesale Investor LLC. It’s unclear how many units are included in the latest plan, but the previous plan called for 60 apartments. Parking would be in the basement. The project will appear before the Preservation Board on May 24th. Additional elevations are below.

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