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Warehouse in the Grove Could be Converted to Office and Retail

As it currently stands, the former St. Louis Language Immersion school building at 3975-4015 Papin is nothing special. The hulking block long structure starts near Vandeventer and goes almost all the way down to Sarah Street. For those who still can't picture the location, this is to the North of CHROMA and South of Interstate 64. A map is provided for your convenience at the end of the story.

The existing building is nothing special as a large warehouse makes up a majority of the site. The only truly special feature is the two story brick structure closer to Vandeventer which housed the Language Immersion School. As COMA Coffee prepares to open a roaster in the building, the owners are looking to renovate the building into a greater and higher usage than a plain old warehouse building off the main drag of the Grove. The plan, to build a second floor into the warehouse section and allow retail spaces to be created on the first floor.

The Holtzman family owns the building and is marketing the soon to be renovated structure as office and retail space but residential can replace office space if need be. Basically, the final usage has yet to be fully determined. The old school section, closest to Vandeventer, could remain a school usage as it is built out as such.

Plans should be finalized over the next several months as to what usage the old warehouse will become but one thing is for sure, this project is another project for one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in St. Louis City.

3975-4015 Papin will join Koman's Cortex K and CHROMA Phase 2 projects in terms of office space. Both of those projects are located close by with Vortex K being a few blocks North and CHROMA Phase 2 being across the street.

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