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The “High Low”: New Venue by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation

Grand Center’s Arts Community is about to get even better with a project meant to showcase more local work. Located next door to the Metro Theater building on Washington in Grand Center, the Kranzerg Arts Foundation is planning a project that will reutilize an existing structure and add to the neighborhood theme. The building, at 3301 Washington, is only two stories but those two stories hold lots of potential and usage and the Kranzberg Arts Foundation realizes this. The developmen starts on the first floor with a 1500SF cafe and library space.

According to the Business Journal, the library will have rotating collections of books, magazines, news papers and articles curated by the local literary arts professionals and institution. Also on the first floor will be an up to 2600SF art gallery room, which will host 5 to 6 exhibits per year. This level also features a 2000SF events space. These two features are actually one with the gallery being 600SF normally and the events space being, as stated, 2000SF.

On the second floor, there will be a 1000SF writing suite that the Business journal describes as a place where the Kranzberg Foundation’s forthcoming writers-in-residence program will be based. The program will be to help boost up and coming authors in the area and welcome international writers as well. Other space, on Level 2 will be available for artists to rent out to create their art. In addition to this, another office sector, in the same building and on the same floor, will have 8 suites to provide space to other artist organizations and activities by the organizations.

The project is expected to be completed in Mid-2019 with Space Architecture as the main firm on the project.

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