Target to Anchor 6-Story Apartment Building on Grand in Midtown

Updated: a day ago

Pier Property Group, the developer behind the redevelopment of the Steelcote building into Steelcote Lofts, redevelopment of the Columbia Oil Building into Steelcote Crossing, and the development of the presently under construction Mill Creek Flats is planning a 4th building in the area to the northeast of the Grand and Chouteau intersection. A 6-story building, with major retail tenant Target, is planned along Grand Boulevard at Papin Street. This comes as PPG nears completion on the Flats at Dorsett Ridge in Maryland Heights, reports strong occupancy rates at Steelcote Lofts, Steelcote Crossing, and Woodward Lofts, and reports of strong interest in both the apartments and retail space at Mill Creek Flats.

The proposed building, originally unveiled at the City Planning Commission in August, calls for 196 apartment units, 65,000sf of retail space, 249 structured parking spaces, and 141 surface parking spaces. At the time, it was not publicly revealed that Target would occupy the retail space, but now it has been formally announced through building plans uploaded to the SLDC Planroom.

The new building, designed by Arcturis, creates a partial street wall along Grand while the overall project also sees Papin Street reconnected to Grand. Papin was previously connected to Grand, but that connection was eliminated in 2012. Restablishing this connection not only makes it easier for visitors to Target to access the store, but it also makes it easier for people to find their way into the Steelcote Square District, which has additional apartments, 10,000sf of retail space, a space for a micro-brewery, and a future TopGolf (or similar) location. All of these features are located along Papin Street.

A lobby for the apartment residents will be on Gratiot Street, along with the parking garage entrance and a loading dock for trucks to unload and access Target. Two service elevators will then bring products up from the loading dock and to the store.

The inclusion of a Target in the fourth phase of Steelcote Square brings an end to years of speculation of a location for a potential "City Target" store. Going way back to 2013, initial rumors were that a Target would be built as part of Pace Properties's "Midtown Station" plan, which preceded the City Foundry development. The second rumor came in 2015 and specified that a Target could be built across from Ikea on the vacant lot at Vandeventer and Forest Park. The third focused on some of the retail space at the City Foundry and the fourth rumor focused on Cullinan's now cancelled Iron Hill project at Grand and Chouteau.

The inclusion of a Target is also a huge win for Pier Property Group, who were laughed at after the unveiling of Steelcote Lofts in 2016. People criticized, on social media, PPG about the location of the development and how the area the building was in was an industrial area at the time. Despite that criticism, the investment was clearly a precursor to a greater redevelopment of the area that continues to happen at a steady pace.

Google Map view with site plans added to show how Steelcote Square is coming together. From left to right: Steelcote Phase 4, Mill Creek Flats, Steelcote Lofts/Crossing, and TopGolf (or similar).

With a Target now coming to Midtown, it's clear that through the work of multiple developers and the SSM Health/SLU-backed Midtown Redevelopment Corporation that Midtown is well on its way to establishing itself as St. Louis's "collegetown". New developments such as the City Foundry, Armory District, Steelcote Square, and TopGolf along with the more established components of Grand Center and Midtown alley all play into this "establishment of a collegetown". Additionally, the developments are all working together to make Midtown a regional destination based around food, shopping, and entertainment options.

For Steelcote Phase 4, construction will begin in November, according to plans with the SLDC Planroom, and a completion is set for sometime in 2023.