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RUNG for Women HQ Heading to Fox Park

According to City Preservation Board documents, the organization known as RUNG, will be moving into an old warehouse in Fox Park at Sidney and Ohio.

The plans were first unveiled late last year by RUNG but this is now the first time we are seeing the new building at the corner of Sidney and Ohio.

Construction fencing was recently erected around the site as demolition of ancillary buildings and garages prepares to take place. The redevelopment of the old warehouse will also happen as part of this phase while the Preservation Board must review the new building's design due to it being the St. Francis DeSales National Register District.

The new building is designed by Christner Architects.

Unfortunately, the space facing Fox Park will become green space instead of a building. Ultimately, if RUNG grows rapidly, they will own the lots facing Fox Park to build on, so I hold out hope for that.

Construction should be completed by Late 2021 on the full project.

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