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New Renderings Reveal One Hundred’s Features and Landscaping

This story was originally published on October 22nd on the old website.

New renderings, posted on the landscape architect’s website (Arbolope Studio), showcase the way the landscaping will look at One Hundred and also offer us the first new renderings of the project since it was unveiled in December 2016. The new renders show extensive landscaping along Kingshighway and in the “niches” created by One Hundred’s scalloped design. Small trees and patches of grass offer a natural expression of One Hundred’s motto “where city meets nature”. The wide sidewalks will also have a design that follows the unique design of the building’s façade.

Also included in the renderings is the first look at One Hundred’s amenity deck. The deck will be fairly small for a tower of this size, especially the pool. The top level of the podium base seems under utilized since only a third of it will be occupied by the deck and some landscaping. What the renders don’t reveal is if the other 2/3rds will be a green roof as specified in previous overhead outlines. The render also included a very faint shadow of the actual tower with small features within the building. As seen in the rendering below, a club room appears to be connected to the pool area offering residents a space to meet before heading out on the deck.

No interior renderings have been released yet by MAC Properties or Studio Gang, but I expect the design to be on par with Solstice on the Park in Chicago.

Elsewhere, a refined design is presented on the interior layout. As seen in the two floor layouts below, One Hundred’s parking system is made more clear, entrances and exits along with the general layout of the lobby and retail space. The floor plans also show the amenity deck floor with some apartments on the same floor. Other things revealed by these layouts are the locations of elevators, stairs, positions of supports and how the terrace concept will work for certain apartments.

As for construction progress, Clayco is currently pouring concrete on what will be the second floor of the parking garage while preparing to go into the 3rd floor. The pace of construction has ramped up in the past few weeks as the general layout of the first floor is complete. Now construction will be a repeated process to the amenity deck then a much smaller floor plate with the tower will result in incredibly fast construction. The photos featured below are from today’s walk around Central West End.

It’s great to see the tower’s general shape coming to life with the slanted design becoming more prevalent. I expect it to be fully prevalent by time the third floor is decked and the fourth floor is having it’s concrete poured. One Hundred began construction on February 27th and will be finished by May 2020. The project brings just over 300 Apartment units to the Central West End neighborhood and will become the tallest building in the Central West End and tallest residential only building in the City of St. Louis at 36 Floors. The cost is $130 Million with Studio Gang acting as the architect and Clayco acting as the general contractor.

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