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Midtown's Banneker School to Become Apartments

To the Southeast of the T.E. Huntley and Samuel Shepard intersection in the Midtown neighborhood lies the Banneker School. The 4-Story building is in a section of the neighborhood with the bland, cookie cutter apartment buildings of the Lucas Place complex. The school building itself is a simple brick and stone building of the late 1930s/early 1940s architectural style. The building was designed by George Sanger and built in 1939/40. According to the SLPS, it’s been empty since 2004 but the property has been kept up to a an acceptable degree. Now, it will join a series of other former Public Schools in becoming apartments.

The Banneker School is still owned by the City, according to records, but Shariq Mansuri has it under contract. It was listed by the Board of Education for around $575,000. Mansuri's Moonlight Partners is also aiming to redevelop the Shepard School renovation in the City's Marine Villa neighborhood. Banneker will be the second school to apartment project for the small firm.

The $3.5 Million redevelopment project will include 41 apartments in the old school building. The parking lot will receive new fencing and a new entry system to keep resident's cars safe. The renovation will also include new windows and security measures.

So far, no actual building permits have been applied for, only a zoning permit was applied for on May 25th, 2019. That zoning permit will go before the Board of Adjustment on October 2nd. Mr. Mansuri couldn't be reached for comment as to when we can expect actual construction to start.

When completed, the Banneker School will join the growing Midtown Alley neighborhood. Numerous developments are in the planning phase, or early construction phase that will see about 140 apartments built in the immediate area by 2021. In addition to this, a new hotel, retail space, office space, and entertainment venues will help add more life to our "second Downtown".

The school will also join the growing number of other schools slated for redevelopment or are under redevelopment in the City (that I know of) including...

  • Wilkinson: Conversion to Lofts - Advantes Group

  • Lyon: Conversion to Lofts - Screaming Eagle Development

  • Rock Spring: Conversion to Office Space - Pier Property Group

  • Euclid: Conversion to Artist Lofts - Kingsway & Theaster Gates

  • Shepard: Conversion to Apartments - Moonlight Partners

  • Banneker: Conversion to Apartments - Moonlight Partners

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