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March Start Possible for 3201 Morgan Ford

In August, it was revealed, in city planning documents, that developer AHM was planning a second apartment building in Tower Grove South. Located just a block south of their MOFO development at 3172 Morgan Ford, 3201 would rise on a vacant lot and redevelop an existing corner structure. The tax abatement on the property was approved and the property is currently owned by AHM but other than that, progress has been non-existent to an extent. Soil tests were conducted on the property back in September and since then, nothing else has been done. Now I have been approached by someone familiar with the project, whom requested autonomy, that the project will start in March.

The source reveals that the construction crew at MOFO will simply move down to the 3201 project. MOFO is expected to completed around Valentine's Day. The source further reveals that you will know when construction is about to start due to the arrival of an excavator to demolish the addition and garage onto the existing building and to level out the vacant lot. Construction fencing will also be put up around the site. The source also specifies that, "as the development approaches it's start date, the developer will appear at a neighborhood meeting to address any comments by the neighbors and state a definitive timeline for those in the immediate vicinity." According to the Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association, the developer hasn't spoken at a meeting about the project since August.

Finally, the source specified that the $3.7 Million project will, "take roughly a year and a quarter to build.", meaning we could be looking at a June-July 2020 completion.

The new building will tower 4 floors over Morgan Ford and be a floor taller than the existing structure. According to JEMA, the project's architect, the new building is meant to juxtapose with the old. The project itself will consist of...

  • 22 apartments, of which 18 will be single person capacity (micro apartments). The remaining 4 will be normal sized units.

  • The first floor of the new building will include 23 parking spaces for the apartments.

  • The retail space being reactivated on the first floor of the existing corner structure and it suited well for a café or coffee shop.

  • The new building will also be "L" shape meaning that it will wrap around the existing structure over to Wyoming.

Another little tidbit that has been known but should make an appearance here, JEMA is calling this project "WYMO" for now.

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