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Koplar's Central West End AC Hotel to Begin Construction

It's been a while since it was unveiled and faced the Preservation Board. Now, the AC Hotel on York Avenue in Central West End is slated to finally begin construction. According to City building permit records, Sam Koplar applied for a demolition permit on the old KPLR studio at 215 York Avenue. The permit is valued at $240,000. The permit was applied for on April 17th, 2019 and issued the same day.

The project was originally meant to be a residential/multi family project known as One York before that idea was scrapped. As time went on, and Homebase Partners of Bozeman Montana was brought on board, "One York" became a hotel. The $45 Million AC Hotel first made an appearance on Halloween in 2017 via a hidden rendering on HDA Architect's website. Since then, Chesterfield based HDA has been retained as the "Architect of Record" with Denver based Johnson Nathan Strohe (JNS) leading master design and planning.

When completed, the AC hotel will complete the two block area bounded by Kingshighway, Maryland Plaza, Euclid and Lindell. York runs down the Eastern third of the block creating two separate blocks. The hotel itself is wedged between two parking garage, the Argyle garage and the Chase garage. While one would see this as a downside, it should be seen as a testament to how valuable land in the Central West End is. Developers will cram anything they can into the neighborhood, even on the oddest of lots.

While looking into the project, I stumbled across these never before seen interior renderings of the building. The renderings were found on Kayla Goldberg's, an interior designer, website. They show the reception area, lobby lounge and a guestroom hallway. Miss Goldberg describes the materials as...

A clean and muted palette of simple and edited materials creates an interior that is purposeful, simplistic, and elegant. Glass partitions divide the public space, while maintaining sight lines and providing a sense of openness. Executed with thoughtful detailing and honest materials, the inspired space encourages interaction, just as the (World's) fair created an opportunity for people to come together and accelerate social change.

Overall, the 192 Room hotel has a very minimalist design from the exterior and down to the interior detailing and that appears to be the intention. Additional interior renderings are below.

The minimalist design is in fact a key piece to the AC Hotel experience. As the San Francisco Gate's Chris McGinnis puts it...

The brand is aimed squarely at the millennial market and the design is super minimalist. Rooms have gray faux wood floors, white sheets, some beige wood and leather furniture. This baby-boomer would describe it as somewhat cold and austere, but I know there are travelers out there who like those clean lines and functional design.

This hotel is the third AC Hotel to be proposed in the region. The other two are in Clayton and in Downtown at the Jefferson Arms. In regards to those, the Clayton project is seemingly ready to start and the Jefferson Arms project appears stalled.

The AC Hotel on York Avenue should be completed in Late 2020 since demolition is just now beginning. All the date below is from a previous conversation (November 2018) with Sam Koplar. An additional rendering of the building is beneath that along with a first floor layout from Kayla Goldberg's website.


Developers: Sam Koplar and Homebase Partner

Architects: Johnson Nathan Strohe (JNS) and HDA

Builder: Paric

Rooms: 192

Floors: 7

Cost: $45 Million


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