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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This post is to outline the future of CityScene STL during this time of economic uncertainty in the nation and world due to the coronavirus and ongoing “bear” style stock market.

Since we emerged from the previous recession, St. Louis has been on a slow and steady roll. The St. Louis of today looks different than the St. Louis of 8-9 years ago. Over this period of time, we’ve seen neighborhoods be transformed with others starting to make the transition from dying to vibrant. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Local developers have proudly stepped up to the plate to change our neighborhoods for the better while national developers have been eyeing St. Louis for future investments.

When this website started as a High School genius hour project in August 2015, St. Louis’s development boom was only increasing. More projects were being proposed and neighborhoods were experiencing more development in the house renovation sector. At the time, this website focused primarily on architectural designs and highlighted some projects taking place across the city and county. In the summer of 2016, this website changed course to write about development projects in the City and County of St. Louis.

For 4.5 years, I’ve kept this website up but it is becoming too much to handle. We have a lot of projects happening and I take great joy in writing about them. Seeing projects rise from the ground or be made new again is a treat to see. It shows we have been coming back as a city and are repositioning ourselves for future growth. In my opinion, the 2030 census will show the first population increase in the City in decades. Before we get there, we are going to hit some bumps and we are right now.

The coronavirus is slowing the national and global economy. Many people who have knowledge of the economy say we are heading towards a recession. This likely means that if projects aren’t financed already, developers will find it hard to finance. In other words, cancellations are likely. For a website that focuses primarily on these development projects, it’s no way forward. A new path must be considered.

CityScene STL will change it’s course from reporting on development news and will focus on spotlighting neighborhoods to boost our city in what will be a hard time. I also intend on continuing to share building tours as they become available. Development related news will come as many of you have seen already, via social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Website posts will be made once or twice a month.

Another change will be the near elimination of project update photos. We have many projects underway right now, so getting to all of them to provide regular updates is a bit challenging. It’s a one man band here, so things can get out of hand and out of sight pretty quickly. Assistance is sometimes needed. The project map will continue to be updated as new projects are announced. It will also be updated as projects are cancelled.

As I’ve publicly said before, I am open to my readers sending me project update photos for me to share. I’ll give proper credit to whoever sends photos in. It would help the goal of CityScene STL informing people on the future of St. Louis. I am also open to allowing some people to write guest stories on my website, but they must be approved by me first.

I’ve enjoyed engaging with you all when you have comments that you send my way. I’ve also enjoyed being part of the “New St. Louis Story”. I can assure you, my work here isn’t finished yet, but I feel like it’s of importance to mention the change in “programming“ that will take place from this point forward since many have relied on me as a source to provide them development news.

There’s still a ton to write about, but right now, I’m changing focus from development to the general community with project updates being rare and new developments being shared on social media. I appreciate your continued readership during this change.

If anyone is interested in contributing photos and posts, please email me at

- Chris Stritzel

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