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Condos Coming to 4237 Laclede in the Central West End

Screenshot of Rendering from Architecture by Refine (UIC)

Just down the block from 4101 Laclede and the Sarah Street corridor is a former 6 family building undergoing a conversion. This building is being converted into two, ultra premium condominiums. The rehab of the building continues the condo boom centered around the Sarah Street corridor and in the Central West End in general. According to City Records, the building was acquired in late April 2016 by a company named "Mi Casa Es Su Casa LLC" which, when translated from Spanish to English is, "My House is your House LLC". The building was bought for a coast of $207,636. Since the acquisition in 2016, the company redeveloping the building has tapped local architecture firm UIC whose renovation division, Refine, became the main architecture firm. The first construction permit was applied for in Mid-October 2017.

Since construction began well over a year ago, extensive work has been done on the property. A tree has been cut down in the front yard, new windows have been installed along with all new electrical systems, HVAC systems and flooring among other things. All was needed since the building was abandoned since 2008. In the time between the abandonment and now, the building saw some conversion work but ultimately work stopped leading to where we are today. In addition to the need for new utilities, 4237 Laclede was also built in 1904 meaning that a modernization was in order.

It is still unclear how much work is left on the project but it is definite that a front door will eb installed before the building reopens as two condos. The two condos start at $300,000 and depending on what amenities, fixtures you get and Unit number, can go higher. Unit 1 is located on the first floor and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Floors 2 and 3 are home to Unit 2. Unit 2 will consist of 2 bedrooms, a study room and 2.5 bathrooms. According to the website (which is linked at the end of the story), each unit comes standard with black stainless steel appliances and hard wood flooring along with contemporary fixtures designed and constructed in Barcelona Spain by Hammer + Hand Modern.

Further, the building features covered parking, a larger backyard and storage space in the basement along with a furnished game room. In all, the full project, dubbed "Pablo" will cost $521,136 (acquisition and construction costs) and potentially rake in a profit of over $80,000 when completed.

Link to website:

Interior renderings showing the two floor Unit 2...

Nighttime view of the building (1/1/19)...

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