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Clayton's Sheraton Plaza to get Glassier, More Modern

As Clayton continues to boom, and new hotel proposals break cover and additional ones are in planning, the current stock has to stay competitive and so they are setting out on renovation projects to modernize themselves to keep the guests coming. Previously, the Daniele Hotel, on North Meramec Avenue, was renovated into a Hampton Inn and, being the most recent project, the former Crowne Plaza Hotel was partially renovated. In addition to those two projects, a new hotel has been unveiled at the Clayton Police HQ on South Central with Centene planning their own corporate hotel for a future phase of their corporate campus project on Downtown Clayton's East End. The next hotel renovation, to compete with the above mentioned properties, is set to be the Sheraton Plaza Hotel on Bonhomme Avenue.

The renovation was hinted at when Denver based Silverwest acquired the hotel in mid-July 2018. At the time, they said...

The hotel will undergo major renovations, including to its exterior, starting in fall 2018. We look forward to implementing a plan that will substantially enhance the hotel's appeal and the guest experience. The transition in ownership will be seamless for the guests. In the next few months we will be announcing the changes we'll be bringing to the property.

Now the renovation project has been unveiled in an application to the City of Clayton Architectural Review Board..

The $20 Million project, whose design process is being handled by St. Louis based HOK, will see the complete overhaul of the hotel building with the most notable changes being on the façade. What is currently a drab and dull brown and cream colored face with small windows will be replaced with more glass, a bright white color palette and a modern look along with the complete renovation of the lobby and guestrooms. Another interesting piece is the removal of the enclosure of the pool in order to make it an outdoor pool.

The documents specify that the materials used in the renovation will be brick and stucco along with all new windows.

The renovation is meant to accentuate the modernist structure, which was originally completed in 1964, and add a modern flare to it. The flare would be done with the new façade but also with spotlights that shine up the window dividers.

At the street level, the Sheraton will be relatively untouched. A new porte-cochere will be installed along with the street level façade being made simpler. Sadly, the renovation doesn't include an addition of a retail space, which would be more inviting than a blank wall and would just be better to look at overall.

In all, the Sheraton Plaza hotel will retain it's 259 room count and further retain it's 15 floors and 163FT profile. The building itself will appear cleaner, newer and the guest's comments and concerns, as seen on the google Reviews Page, will be answered as part of this project.

The new porte-cochere

No timetable has been given on the project but the clayton Architectural Review Board will review the project at their February 4th meeting. Following approval, if issued, it will be up to the developer to start the project. No contractor has been named as of this story's writing.

Below is the current state of the building. The renovation will surely be welcomed. Screenshot from Google Maps.


Developer: Silverwest Hotels

Architect: HOK

Builder: TBA

Cost: $19.8 Million

Construction Begin: TBA

Construction End: TBA

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