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CHROMA Phase 2 to Begin Soon

I was on the City of St. Louis' website and decided to do a property search of the site of the future CHROMA Phase 2. What popped up was a zoning permit was applied for on March 2th, 2019 that stated "construction multi-family building per plans". No cost was given but it shows movement on the second phase of a monstrous project for the east end of the Grove. It also symbolizes Koman's and Greenstreet's first foray into developing Sarah Street in the hope to connect the Grove to Cortex.

On April 11th, at an event at Venture Cafe at the @4240 Cortex Building, Koman President Jason Braidwood revealed that CHROMA Phase 2 would bring approximately 54 more apartments to the Grove as well as a small office building. Renderings were not shown and the layout wasn't addressed. What I mean by this is that I, along with others in the room, weren't told if it would be two buildings or one but it seems like it would be two.

Braidwood also said that Koman and Greenstreet plan on starting phase 2 within the next few months and the re-zoning application confirms this.

I'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop regarding CHROMA Phase 2 especially when renderings and cost estimates are released.

Late last year, an advertisement appeared on site advertising 30,000SF of office space but the rendering featured showed Cortex K and not CHROMA Phase 2. That can be seen below.

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