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BPV Update: Pennant Building, One Cardinal Way Full Website Launched & Rendering Confusion

It is now time for another Ballpark Village update. I have done 6 of these update posts which makes this the 7th. Each one has always found something different whether it be height, design, tenants or something else. So let's dive in.

Pennant Building Lobby Confusion

The mystery continues as to what the lobby of the Pennant Building will look like. After I found a lobby rendering in Mid September showing a rather simple lobby of the office building, I was amazed and wanted to see more. Then came November 9th, when the new Ballpark village website was launched and revealed a rendering showing a soaring lobby and plenty of windows with another building outside. It left me confused and that confusion continues as the One Cardinal Way website has been updated and shows a rendering of the lobby that is similar to the one from mid-September but also is different. Lighter colors appear to be used and brick exterior finishes contrast with black stainless steel. Other than that, not much is different.

This continues to show that even Cordish isn't sure what will come of the lobby space as they have two different renderings out on their own website for this specific development. As for me, I'm not sure which lobby will happen but my bets are on the latest rendering. I guess we will know for sure by Late June/Early July as the One Cardinal Way website specifies that the Pennant Building will open in Late July.

Below is the rendering from Mid-September, which was published to Paric's website.

One Cardinal Way Full Website Launched

As the parking podium portion of the One Cardinal Way tower tops out and the amenity deck begins construction, symbolizing start of apartment levels, the full website has launched for the tower. was originally launched in December 2017 when the project broke ground and was very simple and offered bare minimum information about the tower and didn't include any floor plans, apartment renders or anything else. Now, the new website includes all of that. The website launched yesterday but a media event was held at the One Cardinal Way leasing center, in Phase 1 of Ballpark Village, where they talked about the new website and showed off some of the new features.

Most notably, the new website features 360 degree views of each available apartment in the building. Based on the website, 25% of units have been pre-leased (which equates to 75 units). There are still 222 units left to fill but I expect those to fill up faster now that the full website has launched and perspective renters can look into each unit and find the one best for them. According to the website, the cheapest apartment is a 571SF, 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom on Floor 15 without a balcony for $1435 per month (or $17,220 a year). On the expensive side, the most expensive apartment is a bi-level penthouse on Floors 29 and 30 which includes a terrace, 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms for $7,965 per month (or $95,580 per year). The runner up to the most expensive is Apartment 2705 and is $6490 per month (or $77,880 per year).

You can visit by clicking the link here or at the beginning of this section.

Interesting Rendering of the Pennant Building

The above rendering is from a brochure on Ballpark Village. I found this rendering on and it does show Shake Shack on the first floor again. Shake Shack has been rumored to go in here for some time and even some planning documents have shown a Shake Shack included in Phase 2 in that very retail space. Other than that, nothing much else is revealed besides showing the building in a different light than what has been seen. It also remains unclear if this is the rendering of what is being built as other renderings have shown the parking portion of the Pennant Building including advertisement spots and a different parking screen. An example of this is below

This will be another instance where the final product differs from renderings as my on site source says that Cordish is still undecided if the glass façade will be pulled down to Cardinal Way at the corner of Cardinal Way and 7th.

Below is an example of the glass being pulled down to Cardinal Way and an example of the advertisement alternative.

Ballpark Village Forum Page (includes photo updates):

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