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6-Story Apartment Building Planned at Debaliviere and Pershing

As Pershing continues to evolve with, "The Chelsea" and Debalivere will soon begin to change with Pearl Companies' TOD project, a new project is being proposed to continue the transformation of both streets.

Situated at the Northeast corner of the Debaliviere and Pershing intersection, the 150-unit apartment project will replace Talayna's, which has long been a fixture on this stretch. The demolition of the restaurant and construction of the new building will fill a void on the Debaliviere strip that was created when the strip was being torn down in the 60s and 70s. The project will not take up the Davita Dialysis parcel to the immediate North.

The project, which will continue LuxLiving‘s New York City neighborhoods naming scheme, will be named "the Hudson". Just down the street, Tribeca was sold to an investor earlier this fall and a tower cane will soon be erected for "the Chelsea". Both developments will have added over 300 apartments to Pershing between Union and Debaliviere in the past 5 years. Hudson will bring that number to over 450. When you throw Pearl's project and the recently completed "the Dorze" project into the mix, the number creeps up to near 800 new apartments. It's a healthy increase in apartments and is especially good for Debaliviere, which will be rapidly urbanized near the MetroLink station.

According to Lux Living Head of Operations, Kyle Hennessey...

Being right down the street from the History Museum - one of the main entrances to Forest Park - this stretch has always had such great promise, and we are excited to be part of rebuilding this area. You will see this area undergo massive changes over the next year. Its great for the city.

As proposed, multiple benefits come with this plan that many people should be happy with.

  • A retail space at the corner allows for more eyes on the street and a hub of activity.

  • The removal of a building with a large setback and asphalt parking lot out front.

  • Increased density

  • Project classifies at TOD (Transit Oriented Development)

  • No new curb cut on Debaliviere or Pershing. Parking entrance will be in the alley.

  • The existing alley will be removed and a new one will be built. The project will also sit on the slim parking lot on Pershing.

For the sections where retail windows and lobby windows won't be featured, the building will have windows with St. Louis related decals.

No timeline has been set for the project, but the preservation board will review the project at an upcoming meeting. At this moment in time, VE Design Group is the architect, LuxLiving is the developer, and the unit count is 150. No cost or timeline has been provided.

Changing Debaliviere

Below is a rendering of Pearl Companies' TOD project. This project will replace Metro's Park and Ride lot along with the strip mall between DeGilverville and Waterman. Upon completion, close to 300 apartments and thousands of square feet of retail space will be added to the Debalviere strip.

Just North of this project lies the recently completed "the Dorze" project which opened a few months back. That project added a renovated retail space at Waterman and Debaliviere along with 20 apartment units.

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