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4101 Manchester to Resume Construction

In Late June, foundation work at the 4101 Manchester site stopped and workers disappeared. Since then, the site has been dormant. A pile of rebar sits in the Southeast corner of the site waiting to be connected to the already drilled foundation piers to form footings. Now, a building permit application to the City signals that construction will resume on the site.

On September 9th, a building permit application, in the amount of $3.2 Million, was submitted to the City to construct the building's structural concrete. That building permit has yet to be issued but offers the first sign of progress on the site since June. Oddly enough, the building permit applied for on 9/9/19 has a developer name of Paramount Property Development (according to Geo St. Louis). A Google Search brings that company back to 4321 Manchester. It is said that Matt Spencer, developer of 4101, was involved in that project.

While the cost of the new building design has never been made public, it's expected to be over $12 Million, which was the previous cost estimate under the Trivers design. The new design, designed by Los Angeles based Sam Franklin Marshall, is almost certainly more in cost due to the curved glass and interesting façade. It is believed that the curved detailing and other interesting concrete accents will be precast.

4101 Manchester will rise 6-stories and will dramatically reshape this entrance to the Grove. It also adds to the changing Sarah Street corridor, which will see Chroma Phase 2, 4210 Duncan, and 4101 Manchester all rise around the same time as each other. The developer, Spencer Development, won a City issued RFP competition for the site 3 years ago. They took control of the site in 2017.

When completed, 4101 will most likely join the ranks of most photographed buildings and structures in St. Louis. Current holders of this include the Arch, Old Courthouse, Busch Stadium, One Hundred, and others. The building's usages are still expected to be office space and apartments.


Name: 4101 Manchester

Developer: Spencer Development LLC (Matt Spencer)

Architect: Sam Franklin Marshall

Contractor: Paramount

Floors: 6 (although the Chouteau rendering shows 7.

Height: Unknown

Cost: Unknown

Construction Began: June 2019 (Resumed September 2019)

Construction End: Fall 2020

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