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4101 Manchester to Begin Construction

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Rendering by Trivers.

After waiting several months since the parking lot was torn up at Sarah/Manchester and Chouteau, drilling rigs have arrived to create the foundations for the future 7 floor structure along with a building permit being issued to drill foundation piers.

New York City based Spencer Development is the developer on the project while Trivers is the architecture firm. The $12 Million project was conceived out of a RFP (Request for Proposals) sent out by the City of St. Louis in early 2016. The City received three proposals back and Spencer Development's was the chosen selection.

4101 Manchester will be a true mixed-use building as it incorporates 4 usages in one, 7 floor building. The layout is as follows...

  • Floor 1: Lobby and Retail Space

  • Floor 2: Parking

  • Floor 3: Office and Terrace

  • Floors 4-6: Apartments

  • Floor 7: Rooftop Amenity and Terrace

When completed, 4101 Manchester will rival the nearby Chouteau Building in both height and sheer size. The Chouteau Building is currently the tallest building in the Grove but will lose that title to 4101 upon completion. 4101 Manchester will be an interesting mix of concrete, glass and what appears to be corten strips but could also be some other metal strips. Depending on the light, and time of day, the building will look different.

Rendering by Trivers.

When 4101 Manchester is completed in Late Summer 2020, it will add another major component to the Eastern entrance to the Grove. Upon entering from the East, you will be greeted by CHROMA, the Chouteau Building, the "Triangle" and 4101 Manchester. All of these projects and buildings, except the Chouteau Building, will have created one of the densest intersections and blocks in terms of retail and apartment space in the City. The combined total of the three projects is projected to exceed 25,000SF and include boutiques, cafes and restaurants along with life style amenities.

Whenever CHROMA Phase 2 is proposed, retail space could again see another boost of 3500SF+. All is centered around this key intersection that welcomes visitors from the North and East.

Project Information...

Developer: Spencer Development

Architect: Trivers

Builder: TBA

Floors: 7

Height: About 80FT

Cost: $12 Million

Construction Begin: January 2019 (Parking Lot demolition)

Construction End: Late Summer 2020

Rendering by Trivers.

Drilling rigs on site

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