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3765 Lindell to Become Apartments

This month’s LCRA agenda includes a tax abatement request pertaining to the redevelopment of the 3765 Lindell building. The 3-story structure sits near the Moolah Theater and near where Lindell and McPherson meet. The building is somewhat forgettable due to it’s odd front facade that covers the original brick. Most recently, the building was home to the Oddfellows Association of St. Louis.

According to the LCRA agenda, Clayton abased Collegiate Development Group will take on the project for a total of $5.7 Million (includes acquisition). Collegiate is requesting a tax abatement worth 90% for 5 years to help with the cost of the redevelopment project. However, the LCRA states that the area this building is in is classified as ”no tax abatement”. Despite this, the LCRA supports the tax abatement request.

When all is said and done, this building will add 26 apartment units to the Grand Center neighborhood and will be geared towards students of SLU. No timeline was given on the project.

I have reached our to Collegiate to see if there is any timeline available. I will update this story if I hear back from them.

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