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18 Single Family Homes Planned in “The Ville”

Yesterday, the LCRA (Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority) reviewed a resolution to blight an area bounded by Cottage Avenue, North Taylor, Maffit Avenue and Cora Avenue in the city’s Ville neighborhood. Currently, the site chosen for this development is nearly leveled in terms of the built environment which equates to no significant structures being demolished or lost in this large scale development. According to the LCRA Agenda, Alderman Samuel Moore (D-4th Ward) supports the use of a tax abatement for the project. The abatement will last 20 years and is specified as…

  • 10 Years at 100%

  • 5 Years at 90%

  • 5 Years at 50%

The resolution also blights the area specified in the above paragraph.

The planned homes are a step in the right direction for the Ville, which is located North of Delmar and Dr. Martin Luther King. The specifics of the project are quite interesting as well when numbers are concerned. There will be a mix of 2-3 bedroom townhouses along with some 3-4 bedroom single family homes in the development. They will all include private garage parking with access via an alley or a side entrance from one of the streets that cut through the neighborhood.

The total cost of the project is $3.8 and will be privately financed by Telemon Industries. That puts these homes near $211,000 but price will fluctuate based on size and whether it is a townhouse or a single family home. The architecture of the homes is undeniably modern and appears to be similar to some of the homes being built in the Grove’s “Grove South” Project. I included renderings of some of those homes beneath the site plan.

The LCRA document doesn’t give a start date for the project or an end date. I’ll keep an eye on this project and update everyone with whatever other information comes out.

Renderings of some “Grove South“ Homes.

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