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The Grove Development Roundup

If it’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the Grove is on fire. These last few years have been transformational for the Grove with the next 2 or 3 looking even more transformational. Since 2013, the Grove has seen 6 major projects (those being CHROMA, 4321 Manchester, 4400 Manchester, Home2 Suites, Aventura at Forest Park and some Townhouses they look like Aventura). Of course there have been several projects that have revitalized multiple structures on the Manchester strip that added the neighborhood‘s revitalization effort. But as stated, there is more to come and the next boom in the Grove is beginning.

Some say that the revitalization was the brainchild of Alderman Joe Roddy and some say it was created by the LGBT community. Personally, I think that the revitalization was spearheaded by both Alderman Roddy and the LGBT community but also with Restoration St. Louis. Restoration St. Louis has had their hand in several projects along the Manchester Strip during the time the company has existed. They recently started venturing into new construction projects in the Grove. Most notably, 4400 Mancheste. They have another project, which we will see later on in this post.

With all of this being said, let me start.


4470 Chouteau

Tucked away behind multi-family apartment buildings and at the corner of Taylor and Chouteau, this former service station is being quietly converted into a Ice Cream Shop, but not any ice cream shop. According to a Forum post, and about 5 other people, this little building will be home to an all natural, plant-based ice cream shop. The name appears to be called "Pete's Ice Cream Shop" according to city records. It will be interesting to see how well this concept does. Work appears to be nearing the end of the line as decorative fencing was placed around the building for an outdoor patio while a crew of 3 workers were cutting wood today for interior work. City records show that the investment made so far is up to $75,350.

4475 Chouteau

This very small project will completed the project bounded by Taylor, Chouteau, Newstead and 64. All Above Development LLC re-submitted plans to Park Central Development Corporation last month and they have specified their desire to break ground on a three floor building in March. The building will have a small office space on the first floor along with an apartment followed by Floors 2 and 3 having the other apartments. The apartment count totals out to be 7 apartments. The best thing about the project are that it is requesting no incentives from the city and fills in a lot at the corner of two major streets. All Above completed the Aventura at Forest Park apartment complex and the Home2 Suites on the same block, which gives them experience in building this small building. According to the developer, the cost of the project is $1.75 Million.


Greater Good's Station G

Nestled between the Aventura complex and on the same block as 4475 Chouteau, Greater Goods has been renovating their future headquarters building known as Station G. The project saves one of Laclede Gas Company's stations and preserves a red brick building with tons of little ornamentation. Inside, the new HQ is expected to be modern and clean (as seen in the rendering). The redevelopment process is in full swing and the project could be completed in the Spring. Greater Goods is an online retailer that was once based in St. Charles but moved to the City because they believe in it.

Rendering (Interior)...

Ronald McDonald House

I'm not quite sure what the status of this project is but it was announced in Late September. Ronald McDonald house Charities would like to demolish the existing warehouse building and church at Newstead and Chouteau for their new house. At 4 floors, it will be fairly large and will house 60 living spaces, a office for RMHC and a 4th floor for an addition. There are also other plots of land that could be sued for future expansion. The architecture firm for the project is Trivers but nothing else than a massing diagram was released.


Let me introduce this section first before getting started. Manchester and Sarah Street are the two thoroughfares with very distinctive traits but both of these have (or will soon have) the businesses that make The Grove, The Grove. Sarah Street is the most recent addition to The Grove with proposals popping up to connect Lindell to Manchester. The street has an organization to promote development, art and streetscape improvements. Sarah Street STL's goal is to "Connect Culture and Innovation" which means to connect Cortex to the Grove, but even the developments, shops and restaurants north of Forest Park Avenue could be thrown into the mix for "culture".

But let's get back to the Grove. Sarah Street will have new 4 projects it in a few years time. In the Grove, it's 3. Those 3 are specified below. I'll start at the 64 overpass and work down to Manchester.

Streetscape Improvements

A plan has been drawn up to bring major changes to Sarah Street for Pedestrians. Based on my understanding, there will be bike lanes, wider sidewalks, art and better lighting to better connect cortex to the Grove.

CHROMA Phase 2

CHROMA already changed the Grove when it's massive footprint, retail spaces and a parking garage concealed by the building. However, some downsides are the exposure of the parking garage and an eyesore lot that front Sarah. That is soon about to change as Koman and Greenstreet go at it for a second Phase, but this time, it will be office space. Leasing signs were erected recently and they portray a 2 floor building with the look of Koman's Cortex K in Cortex. While I would've preferred something taller here, it will be great infill and the extra retail space will be welcome to making Sarah more lively along this stretch. If all goes well, Koman and Greenstreet could start on this project in March 2019 and wrap up in Mid 2020.

No rendering.

4101 Manchester

When the city issued an RFP (request for proposals) in 2016, I don't think anyone expected that a 7 floor building would come out of this. The small wedge lot where Chouteau, Sarah and Manchester all come together will soon be home to a building of that caliber. 4101 Manchester will be a truly mixed use building that will alter all three corridors specified. Spencer development's Plan consists of ground floor retail space, a second floor parking garage, third floor office space, floors 4-6 will be residential and the top floor (7) will be amenity space. Construction just started and should take a little over a year for the building, which is designed by Trivers. The building could even take the crown for tallest building in the Grove, beating out the Chouteau Building a block east of here.


Let's turn onto Manchester, which is the main hub of activity in the Grove. Manchester is lined with shops, restaurants and offices found only here, which makes this place unique. CHRMA and 4400 Manchester have left their modern mark on Manchester, but a majority of the new projects proposed will be historic rehabs and infill.

4173 Manchester (Everest Bar Expansion)

The Everest Bar, at 4143 Manchester, will soon be expanded into a new 3 floor building being developed by the owners of Everest and Restoration St. Louis. The Preservation Board recently approved of the demolition of the existing shotgun house on site for the new building, which will be quite modern. The first floor will be home to Everest's expansion while floors 2 and 3 will be home to 6 apartments. The composition of the apartments is supposed to be 2 one bedroom units and 4 studio units. Construction is to start in January and wrap up in December 2019. It's an aggressive based but Restoration St. Louis knows what they are doing.


The Dogwood in the Grove

For ease of finding this project, it is 4308 Manchester. This is a former Kroger store and it was announced that a project, by the name of The Dogwood, will restore this building and add a floor for the new party venue. Construction has yet to begin on the project, but this will add to the Grove by adding a floor to an otherwise dull building.



The rest of the neighborhood is booming too. Abandoned houses and buildings are making way for new buildings while old warehouses and industrial buildings are converted to better and higher uses. This section will showcase these projects and give you their location for reference.

Arbor on Arco

Along Arco Avenue will be a new, 4 floor building built by Restoration St. Louis and designed by Core10 Architecture. Currently a vacant lot, Restoration St. Louis's website gives facts and features about the development, which is quoted...

Arco Ave. will be welcoming more residents then it ever has before. Currently in a state of under-use and dilapidation, 11 plots along the 4200 block of Arco will be home to a new 95-unit apartment community. Homes will range from studios to one-bedrooms, all featuring the quintessential RSL amenities; granite counter-tops, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliance. In addition, Arbor on Arco will offer over 100 off-street parking spaces, both underground and street level, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a dog washing station.
Arbor on Arco is a technology focused building with features such as Toto toilets and Bluetooth enabled exhaust fans, to name a few.

The design itself will blend in with the neighborhood's brick surroundings and will only be a few short steps off of Manchester.


Woodward Lofts

I visited this place in September for a Hard Hat Tour. At the time, the project still had lots to be done. The first project from Pier Property Group is sure a doozy but one that is unique in it's own right. The building sits in the old Woodward Manufacturing Plant and brings mane interesting features along the way. Some of the units will be bi-level, some will face into courtyards that were created due to the building's size and a rooftop deck will offer stunning views of the neighborhood not to mention the fact that apartments that look over train tracks are well insulted. The Woodward Lofts should open in Early 2019 as the finishing touches are being put on. Trivers acted as the architect on this project with BSI acting as the General Contractor.

Missouri Foundation for Health

This project reutilizes the former Columbia Iron Works building on Vista Avenue. The renovation is being designed by HOK and the builder is HBD construction. The Missouri Foundation for Health HQ will add lots to this neighborhood as it restores an abandoned building and makes the surrounding area safer. Construction should be completed in the Spring of 2019.


Core @ Newstead

These new singe family houses replace dilapidated buildings with new homes that, in my opinion, just look bad. The homes share Vista Avenue with the recently completed Adams Grove affordable housing development. While 8 houses have been erected, there are still spaces for like 10 more of these houses. They do add to the neighborhood but the design is not to good. They just look bland and don't tell a story like our brick houses throughout eh city. Who knows but maybe time will tell that these homes were part of our New St. Louis Story.

Vista Apartments

2 vacant lots along Newstead will soon be apartment buildings designed by JEMA. The lots are at the end of Vista, which will block the new houses for modern apartment buildings. In this case, I think both of these will complement each other nicely despite me not liking the new houses. No start date has been specified for these buildings but I expect to hear some more soon as apartments in the Grove go fast.


Vista Place

What is currently a vacant lot at the corner of Vista and Tower Grove and across the street from the Adams School will soon be home to a condo complex that overlooks a Central Courtyard. The name is Vista Place. The project brings more modern design to the neighborhood and will continue to quench the thirst for new housing in the Grove. Construction should start in early 2019 with the first houses opening in Late 2019 or early 2020. The architect is Scott Siekert Design, LLC and construction by Chouteau Building Group.


Raising Cane's

Planned at the intersection of Papin and Vandeventer on a vacant parking lot, Raising Cane's will soon rise. While the design is not desired for the neighborhood it will add a fast food option to The Grove. The project could start next year and open in Early 2020.

RUMORED: Liberty Bell Oil

After burning down a few months ago, the Liberty Bell Oil Building seems poised for redevelopment. What was once supposed to be a food truck park may now be turned into apartments and retail space. While details are limited, it is expected that Greenstreet will have something to do with it. I guess we will learn more in the future, but at least the vandalized and neglected building won't be coming down.


So there you have it, the Grove Development Roundup. There are other projects not talked about here but I did that because they are already completed or are tricky to write about. I'll mention the projects here in a list.



  • 4400 Manchester

  • 4321 Manchester

  • Sauce on the Side Building

  • Rockwell Brewing Company

UNDEWAY (but not written about)...

  • Beast BBQ

  • The Grove South Homes

Other projects will come in the future but for now, these are in store. Know of something that I don't? Create a thread in the "The Grove - FPSE" Forum on the CityScene STL Forum . I linked the page here.

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