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Hotel, Retail Space and Potential Cass Bank Restoration Planned at Tucker & Cass

According to a site plan that I stumbled upon when looking through local real estate listings, the Cass Bank Building and the large vacant lot to the North of Paul McKee's Greenleaf Grocery store could soon be home to new retail buildings and a 3 floor, 130 key hotel. The plan also seems to include the restoration of the long vacant Cass Bank Building at 13th and Cass.

Gershman Commercial Real Estate is listing the property on LoopNet and their own website with this site plan. The plan shows a roundabout just behind the existing Cas Bank Building and divides that building from a proposed 3 story hotel (whose brand isn't named). It then shows a large parking lot with a bank, ATMs and a retail building with up to 5000SF of leasable space. Finally, it shows a Dunkin' Donuts planned to the South of the retail building.

The Cass Bank building itself is included in the site plan, but no word was specified, in the real estate flyer, that the building would be redeveloped. The old Greyhound bus station addition to the Cass Bank Building will also remain in place.

The document is very vague but the listing was posted in Mid-December 2018, so it is a recent posting. In addition to this, the listing goes off of the eventual NGA Construction, which will take place 10 blocks West, to attract tenants. The document did not give a hint as to when we could see this come together.

A developer was not listed, but I assume it is Paul McKee. Greenleaf Bridgeway joins McKee's micro regeneration project near the Tucker and Cass intersection. This has brought us a Zoom Gas Station and a Grocery Store, but the overall project is peanuts compared to what he originally planned as part of the Northside Regeneration project.

Originally, this site was to be home to "The Veterans Landing", a project that would've added cafes, Veteran support centers, community centers and other attractions, but clearly those plans folded. Across Tucker, a new office building was supposed to rise and welcome people into St. Louis, but that also folded and instead we got a Zoom Gas Station. You can view the two renderings above for those projects.

This specific project just goes to show that McKee isn't ready to give up on the Northside Regeneration project yet.

You can view the Greenleaf Bridgeway listing here:

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