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Hotel Planned at the Wells Fargo Campus in Midtown

A yet to be named hotel is planned at the Northwest corner of the Jefferson and Market intersection at the Wells Fargo campus in Midtown.

According to marketing documents, the hotel will have 215 hotel rooms and be completed in 2023. At a time when hotels are struggling for far lower than average occupancy numbers caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it seems strange to propose a hotel. However, many of these projects will be opening in several years when the coronavirus will hopefully be in the rearview mirror and life will be back to normal. In the case of this hotel, it's in a strong position to benefit from the MLS Stadium, the connecting Wells Fargo campus and the booming Midtown Alley district. In regards to the MLS Stadium, this is the first project to seemingly come about in the area.

According to unnamed sources, the hotel will be a Kimpton branded hotel, which is one of the upscale brands within the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). The hotel can directly be blamed for the recent announcement that the Jefferson Connector hotel, which was rumored to be an EVEN by IHG hotel, at the Southwest corner of the Jefferson and Locust intersection was cancelled. According to the developer on that project, Jassen Johnson, they'll determine the best and highest use for the property at the Jefferson Connector and at this moment in time, a hotel isn't worth it.

The building today.

Green Street is the developer of the project. They've been active in several projects in St. Louis overt he past several years. It's hard to tell, but it appears the hotel will be a renovation of the existing building and parking garage at the corner. An architect isn't named for this project. A cost also isn't specified.

The hotel is the latest addition to a series of projects announced, uncovered or advancing during the current economic downturn.

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