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Hard Hat Tours to Change

The title may be a little misleading, but let me clarify what I mean.

I have taken numerous Hard Hat Tours, which you can find in the tab, and shared them here, but some of the tours I will be taking from this point forward will be buildings closer to completion than say the Steelcote Lofts or the Last Hotel. Projects along the lines of Hotel Saint Louis and Level on Locust will be the new way "Hard Hat Tours" are done. There will be more to the tours than just bare bones and trying to explain what the space will look like. Rather, the tours will include how the nearly finished product looks so my readers get a better understanding of the project.

Because of this change, the "Hard Hat Tours" category will be changed to "Building Tours" but the title of the tours will still start with, "A Look Inside". There will occasionally be a story with bare bones interior but that is dependent on whether or not developers and/or building owners determine a specific time is good or bad for them. The new "Building Tours" category will launch April 1st.

This change is also being made as the focus of the tours will move to new construction. Of course restoration projects will be featured but up until this point, no new construction projects have been featured.

The schedule for future Building Tours is below and is subject to change. I am always looking for more ideas on where to go next and if you have an idea, send me it at


TBD: Soulard Steelyard and Hotel Indigo (LaSalle Building)

April: Grand Flats

May: Armory

Late June/Early July: The Pennant Building

Late August/Early September: One Hundred Version 1

October 2019-February 2020 (all reliant on schedules): Live! By Loews, OneLife Fitness/Market, One Cardinal Way, the Foundry and One Hundred Version 2.

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