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Cortex K to Begin Soon

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

After a revision late last year that saw Cortex K's office building increase in size from 93,000SF to 120,000SF, receive a new design and Koman hint at a quarter 1 start, it now appears Koman is ready to begin construction.

Recently, the Sarah Street art wall, at Sarah and Clayton, came down along with the advertisement signs for Cortex K and Sarah Street. Along with this, wooden pegs are dotting the future site of Cortex K seemingly showing where utilities lines are. All of these are signs of a sure start to construction. The only issue, no building permits have been applied for by Koman for this development.

I am certain that we will see movement on this property in the month March. Whether it be construction equipment arriving on site or actual foundation work, we will see movement.

In addition to this, new leasing materials have been posted to the LoopNet and Jones Lang LaSalle's (JLL's) listings on the property that detail more information about the project in general.

One of course is the new rendering at the top of this story showing the planning office building and a residential tower to the North of it. The residential tower is 10 floors in height, a bump from the 9 originally proposed. While the residential tower is planned for a future phase, the leasing documents states, in regards to street level activation and Sarah Commons...

The ground floor and exterior landscaped spaces all focus on engagement of the pedestrian and each person’s experience as they approach and enter the building. Retail space along Sarah Street provides an urban sidewalk café that will bring energy and density to the block. The entry courtyard and pathways flourish with landscaping and art/sculpture, reaching into an inviting lobby and transitioning to an enhanced workplace environment that makes each person ‘feel’ the care being incorporated into the building.

Further, the document states the building will be delivered to tenants in 2020.

The above rendering is practically the same as the one at the top of the story, but it includes a minor addition, locations for company logos. Basically, this gives us a general idea of what a logo on the building would look like

In all, I look forward to seeing this project get up and going as it will address the need for more office space in Cortex and further push for a greater Cortex-The Grove connection via Sarah Street. In addition to this, I look forward to hearing more about the residential tower and, a ways down the line, future office building and garage to be built to the West of the residential building and office building.


If this rendering looks familiar, it's because it is. This rendering is on the advertisement sign for Chroma Phase 2, which is just a few blocks south of here. Therefore, the design for Chroma Phase 2 hasn't been released yet despite this image appearing on the advertisement for it. You can see that ad below.


Leasing Document Link - JLL (January 2019):

Leasing Document Link - Koman (February 2019):

CityScene STL Forum Link:

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