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Condos to Begin Construction at Madison & Clay in Kirkwood

The Madison in Kirkwood, close to Kirkwood Road, brought 12 new luxury condominiums to the Kirkwood market when it opened last year. The success of that project has lead the developer, Savoy Properties, to bring a second condominium development, Madison and Clay, to market.

The proposal was first heard about in February from Kirkwood Blog, "The Gadfly". At the time, the Gadfly said...

Downtown Kirkwood’s slow march towards respectable density will receive another big boost if Savoy can successfully navigate City Hall’s approval process in the coming weeks. The proposed project at 204 S. Clay will strongly resemble Savoy’s previous foray into DTK luxury projects just down the street, The Madison.

At this moment in time, all necessary approvals have been given to Madison and Clay by the City of Kirkwood. This means that construction will begin on the project this Summer according to the Business Journal.

Madison and Clay will add 14 luxury condos to the Kirkwood market while being in a building that is 4 floors in height. The first three floors will have 4, units per floor with 1740SF-1800SF of space. The 4th floor will include two penthouse units of 2400SF each. All of the units will include their own private corner terrace. Each unit will have finishes that are customizable (like cabinetry, floors, counter tops and more), open floor plans and 10FT high ceilings.

The project will replace a single story house and a single story former dentist office.

Construction on the $12 Million project will take a little over a year to complete. Kadean Contracting is acting as the contractor on the project while Core10 and Wolff Interiors handle the architectural design side of things. Savoy Properties is the developer.

According to people who have toured the Madison, the finishes there are high end and "sexy". In regards to Madison & Clay, I would expect the same attention to detail and finishes as the Madison. Overall, the Madison is nice infill despite the lack of retail space.

Photo of the Madison from last Summer (The Kirkwood Gadfly)

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