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BPV Update: OneLife Fitness Begins, Pennant Building's Brick Debut & Leasing Numbers

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The final building of Ballpark Village Phase 2 is now ready to rise.

The OneLife Fitness Building (actual name: Block 200) has had significant foundation work happening since late December 2018. Now, the drills have been removed, the old outdoor stage and TV buildings have been demolished and new renderings have been released as the three floor structure will soon rise out of the ground surrounding the Busch 2 Infield.

As of today, the construction crew was assembling the elevator pit and exposing rebar for future footings that the steel beams will be placed on top of to frame the 45,000SF structure. Due to it having a small floor plate, and being made of simple steel, glass and concrete, this will be the fastest structure to rise on the site to date with an opening for One Life Fitness expected in the late Fall or early Winter.

New renderings for the building detail the 7th Street Pedway that connects Cardinal Way to Clark Avenue. It will include a stepped design with planters and a fountain at Clark. According to sources, the 7th Street Pedway will include a Cardinals "Walk of Fame". Near the existing Phase 1 building, a new stage will be built into the structure of the Block 200 building. A new outdoor TV will be erected on top of that. Further, the Ballpark Village market remains with another retail space being created for a restaurant or café.

The building's height, while only being 3 stories, will add up to the 5th or 6th floor of the Pennant Buildings parking garage. So expect high ceilings.

You can see more renderings of the OneLife Fitness building below.

Pennant Building Ready for it's Brick Debut

As the first office building in Downtown since 1989 approaches it's topping out, the construction crew is gearing up for the brick façade that is located from the first floor up to the top of the 7th. The brick is expected to be of the same color as Busch Stadium's.

Construction crews have been placing drywall and framing up an exterior wall at the future parking garage office along Cardinal Way. That is where the brick laying process is expected to begin. The Pennant Building is expected to open in Late July/Early August to lead tenant, Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PWC) and others.

Leasing Numbers..

Current numbers for all buildings in Ballpark Village Phase 2...

One Cardinal Way...

Apartments: 297 Units.

Leased: 85 Units.

Available: 212 Units

Percentage Leased: 29%

Pennant Building...

Square Footage: 120,000SF

Leased: 60,000SF (On floors 8 and 11. PWC and undisclosed others)

Available: 60,000SF (On Floors 9 and 10).

Percentage Leaded: 50%

Loews Hotel Block

Can't be determined at this time

OneLife Fitness Building

Square Footage: 45,000SF

Leased: 30,000SF (OneLife Fitness)

Available: 15,000SF

Percentage Leased: 66.67%


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