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8,329: That's the Number of Apartments Planned or Underway in the City (as of 12/2/2021)

Steelcote Square is one of 68 projects planned or underway in the City.

One year ago, I wrote the following on social media:

"6,494 - that's the total number of apartments underway or planned in the City of St. Louis that I know of. Of these 6,494: 4,988 are in the Central Corridor, 1,050 are on the Southside and 454 are on the Northside."

This year, the new number is 8,329, an increase of 1,835 units (or 28.26%) over the past year. The breakdown for the units is:

  • 6,148 in the Central Corridor (defined by Chouteau-Vandeventer and the BNSF rail line on the south edge, and Delmar on the north edge).

  • 1,470 in South City (defined by Chouteau-Vandeventer and the BNSF rail line on the north edge)

  • 711 in North City (defined by Delmar on the south edge).

Of these, 2,496 (or 29.97%) are presently under construction with completions estimated throughout 2022. An additional 512 are pending start (meaning permits have been applied for and/or issued, but no formal work has started). Over the past year, 483 units were completed.

The actual number of units is higher than reported due to some projects being:

  1. Not publicly revealed (location known, size unknown).

  2. Or revealed, but total number of units remains unreported/undefined.

  3. Or unknown by me. With so much going around around the City, it's hard to keep up with everything.

The overall count continues to change every few weeks as new projects come up, others are revised, or projects are cancelled, but one thing remains the same with this count: all projects counted are multi-family developments. These are larger than an 8-family building and do not include conversions or renovations of smaller, existing multi-family buildings. Single-family home developments are also not counted.

As of right now, things are looking up for the City. After 70 years of population decline, the amount of planned development could see a reversal of this trend. But in the end, it all depends on the actions taken by both City Government and private developers during this decade.

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