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Informing St. Louis

Welcome to CityScene STL, everyone!


We're happy to be informing St. Louis on the future of our great City. St. Louis has a story to tell and we're happy to be here to inform everyone on what's happening in the development world. St. Louis is home to all of us but it's also a place that entice's people from across the country. Our rich architectural history and aspiring future draws the attention of many people while our history teaches us both the good, and the bad, about our City. CityScene STL will utilize it's platform to show the good and bad of our City and County in the hope of a better St. Louis. We also hope that by informing St. Louis, we can lead St. Louis onward to be a City of progress with many civic boosters.

This website was founded by Christopher Stritzel, a current student at Fontbonne University and the owner of 4th Street Partners, in August 2015 as a high school writing class genius hour project. The website started out at Building St. Louis but was rebranded in December 2018 to CityScene STL. While the old website no longer exists, this website continues the mission of informing, and engaging with, St. Louis on the future. We look forward to informing you.


We're always taking recommendations from anyone so if you have one, please don't hesitate to contact me using

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