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Third Degree Glass Factory to Expand

If you've driven West on Delmar, towards Union, or East, towards Kingshighway, you may have noticed the Third Degree Glass Factory. This early 1900s building has become a favorite for gatherings and parties ever since it opened 16 years ago .The place is a unique business offering classes on how to make glass and even experiences where you can make your own glass creation. This concept has done really well and the success will be mirrored in the planned expansion of the business.

Third Degree's expansion will add new rooms for parties and classes while adding a new entrance courtyard off of the parking lot. The project is being spearheaded by founders of Third Degree, Jim McKelvey and Doug Auer. Third Degree tapped local architecture firm, Mademan Design, to design a building that complements and highlights the 1920s structure but also adds a modern flare to Delmar and the Third Degree complex. A new courtyard, which is based off of the existing courtyard along Delmar, is also planned off of the parking lot to welcome visitors in.

Third Degree plans to start construction at the beginning of 2019 with a completion set for the end of July. It's a quick time frame but something that will add to a growing local business and meeting place. While construction is on going, Third Degree will remain open but all visitors will be redirected to the Delmar entrance according to Third Degree. Two additional renderings are below.

Learn more about Third Degree Glass Factory by clicking this link:

If you haven't been to Third Degree, I highly recommend it. It's a fun learning experience for everyone. I've been here along with a different business known as Libbey Glass in Toledo where you can do similar things like you can here, but between the two, I prefer Third Degree.

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