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Steelcote Lofts - Now Leasing

Updated: May 17, 2019

The Steelcote Lofts, as seen on May 16th, 2019.

The Steelcote Lofts will soon be open and so property management firm, Rafco Properties, has launched the full Steelcote Lofts website. feature floor plans and information pertaining to the units and building itself. In addition to this information, the website offers a little more data in regards to the Steelcote Square neighborhood.

First off, the exact make up of the units has been revealed. Steelcote Lofts will feature a wide ranging mix of units on all floors with the make up being...


  • 1 Studio Unit (428 Square Feet)

  • 1 One Bedroom, One Bathroom Unit (833 Square Feet)


  • 24 One Bedroom, One Bathroom Units (Ranges from 634 Square Feet to 813 Square Feet)

  • 2 One Bedroom, One Bathroom + Loft Units (824 Square Feet & 896 Square Feet)

  • 1 Penthouse Unit - One Bedroom, One Bathroom (759 Square Feet)

  • 4 Two Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom Units (Ranges from 986 Square Feet to 991 Square Feet)

The total number of lofts at Steelcote equates to 33 units.

Second, pricing is also available for those who may be interested in living down there. The cheapest unit is the Studio. Price per month for that is $1000. The most expensive unit is a 5th Floor 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom unit, which will set you back $1975 per month. The remaining units fill in the remaining costs. Of the 33 units, 3 will have patios. Those are the Penthouse and the 2 One Bedroom, One Bathroom + Loft units.

This is the outbuilding.

The outbuilding will provide some of the more unique units in the entire Steelcote Square development. They'll be more of a townhouse style unit will access from the outside rather than an interior corridor. The One Bedroom outbuilding unit will have a sun-room area, which is seen in the photo above. These units will be the last to be ready due to their under construction state. These units were pushed back, in terms of opening, from the rest of the building due to them being largely reconstructed.

The remainder of the website talks about the pluses of living at Steelcote Lofts, including a big emphasis on Steelcote Square. The website specifies that Steelcote Lofts, Crossing and Mill Creek Flats will have shared amenities when the development is completed. Some of those include..

  • Rooftop Pool

  • Fitness Center

  • Pet Park & Spa

  • Rentable Grow Garden Boxes

  • Business Center

  • Structured Parking

  • Microbrewery/Distillery at Steelcote Crossing

  • 10,000 Square Feet of Retail space at Mill Creek Flats

The emphasis on these features are basically to tell potential residents that more development is on the way to turn this industrial area into a livable and dynamic neighborhood. Renderings, which we have already seen, also show Steelcote Crossing and Mill Creek Flats. I featured those below for those who may have not seen them.

Finally, a logo has been revealed which echos back to the Steelcote's previous life as a paint company. The original logo included an armored Knight, so the Loft's logo includes that.

The Steelcote Lofts open in June. You can learn more at and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


The district, so far, has been designed by Trivers and developed by Pier Property Group.

  • Steelcote Crossing (Columbia Oil Building) will features 15 micro-lofts and a retail space for a micro-brewery or a distillery. Construction is currently underway with a completion slated for early Winter 2019. The cost is $4 Million.

  • Mill Creek Flats will be a new construction building along Theresa Street.This project will require the demolition of the Owen Building (812 S. Theresa). This building will add parking and other amenities as specified above including 96 apartments. Construction will begin this August and wrap up in late 2020. The cost for the Mill Creek Flats is projected to be $21 Million.

  • The Steelcote Lofts project was an $8 Million development.

TOTAL INVESTMENT AND APARTMENTS: $33 Million and 141 Apartments.

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