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Retail and Office Space Planned for “The Triangle”

I was premature in writing the story titled “The Grove Development Roundup” because no later than 5 minutes after I published, this project came out via an advertisement brochure by the L3 Corporation. Known as “The Triangle” the former auto repair shop at the triangular block, bounded by Hemp, Manchester and Vandeventer in the Grove, will be redeveloped into a retail building with 3,798SF of retail space, which can be subdivided among different tenants. This building is labeled “A” in the site plan and is rendered in the image at the beginning of the story.

In the center of the block block will be a 12 space parking lot for the develolment. There will be 1 handicap accessible space and 11 normal spaces. Then, at the tip of the lot, will be a 2 Floor mixed use building with 2100SF of retail space on the first floor and 1800SF of office space on the second floor. The second floor will also include a patio for the office tenant to utilize. The patio will overlook the development itself. The office building will be built using reused shipping containers, which will be quite interesting to see.

In my opinion, this project is perfect for this lot. While it would be nice to see something taller here, it won’t just be a strip mall development with just the old garage being used. Building B, which is at the point, will follow the sharp edges of the lot’s triangular design which will give us a mini flatiron building. The office component is also welcome. No start or completion date has been specified and neither has an Architecture firm. The developer is the Koman Group.

Below you will will find a site plan, additional renderings and an aerial shot from Apple Maps.

More renderings...

And the aerial...

Some site history...

The Triangle used to be more than an old gas station turned U-Haul Center. In fact, this was the corner in 1958. The beautiful old building was demolished sometime in the 60s for the gas station. While the loss of the building waa horrendous by today’s standards, it was the norm back then. The building is seen below.

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