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Redevelopment Planned on the Hill

A plan to redevelop a vacant warehouse in the Hill neighborhood is in the works by St. Louis based Third Man Development.

The 90,000SF building at 4914 Daggett borders McBride's "La Collina" subdivision on the West and the Kingshighway viaduct on the East. It's just across the street from Rigazzi's restaurant and the Hill Antique Market.

The $12 Million redevelopment will see the building completely renovated into 25,000-60,000SF loft-style office building with original building features being highlighted. These features include high ceilings, large windows, and clerestory lights. Based on the site plan, some of the building will be demolished to make way for a 3000SF courtyard and a parking lot with 107 spaces.

Site plan.

The building was constructed in 1910 and was connected to the former Magic Chef factory before that was tore down for the La Collina subdivision.

Currently, the building is not in the best shape. Adding new windows and cleaning it up a bit will do wonders for it's appearance and will add to the dramatic transformation of this part of the Hill neighborhood. The development will be known as "Kings Hill". No building permits have been issued or applied for at this moment in time. The developer, Third Man Development, acquired the building in June 2019 according to City of St. Louis records.

The building today.

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