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New Office Building Planned by Post Holdings

Story originally published on November 1st on the old website.

As it currently stands, Post Holdings (the company behind the well known Post Cereal brand), has their corporate office in a small office building at 2503 South Hanley. But if their plans come true, Post will soon have more offices in a new, 3 floor office building at 200 Hanley Industrial Court. The building, designed by St. Louis based Remiger Design, would add a different flair to the industrial park between Hanley Road and Brentwood Boulevard. The site chosen is currently occupied by an abandoned warehouse and loading dock building previously occupied by Hampton Envelope Company.

The current complex of buildings was purchased for nearly $3.9 Million earlier this year. Of the three buildings currently on the site, two will be demolished, but a single floor, 12,000SF office building will remain and receive a facelift as part of this project. That smaller building will be connected to the new, 3 floor building (whose size is set at 48,000SF). The total size of the project is 60,000SF. The City of Brentwood approved the plans back in September after requesting changes to the way the parking lights were arranged and the way the landscape was designed. The issues were addressed and The Planning and Zoning Board voted 6-0 to advance the project following the changes being made.

Post recently announced that their Quarter 3 earnings were nearly $2 Billion, so a project of this size won't effect the amount of earnings on their company which gives this project a great chance of happening. While the new development hasn't been given a defined cost, its safe to assume that this project will float around $23 Million. The estimate comes as the site was bought for $3.9 Million, demolition could run up to $1 Million and construction of the main building could reach $18 Million. The St. Louis Business Journal put the cost "anywhere from $15 Million to $25 Million". No time frame has been given for the project.

Below are the current buildings on site as seen from above.

NOTE: This story will be updated once official numbers, defined timeline and renderings come out.

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