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New MLS Stadium Renderings Detail Downtown West Plans

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

New renderings of the Downtown West MLS Stadium have been released by the MLS4TheLou Organization.

The latest plans show the Stadium sitting on a site North of Market in the area between Olive and Market and between 20th and 22nd Street. This site lines up with the current entrance and exit ramps onto I-64 and the failed MO-755.

At a cost of over $250 Million, the Stadium plans differ slightly from the renderings that we seen earlier this year. The latest plans seem to take on a more luxurious look in the appearance of the Stadium. A practice field will be located South of Market Street on a vast majority of the old 22nd Street interchange. Along Market Street, a new building will be built, although the actual usage of it has not been detailed. It is assumed that this building will house the team offices and some retail and bar space to help partially realize the original "Downtown West district of shops and restaurants" that would help activate the area year round.

For parking, the plans will see 700-900 parking spaces built in an under ground garage which will be under the Practice Fields South of Market. Cars will enter and exit the garage on 21st Street.

On the East facing side of the Stadium, fronting 20th Street, will be a plaza with a small soccer field and some Stadium related retail spaces. This plaza will act as a formal end to the Gateway Mall, which stops after Aloe Plaza. This plaza could host team rallies and other special events due to it's size. It is expected that his will become a busy area before and after games.

On the Market Street side, a semi-separate building will be home to a mixed use hall that can be activated on game days and non-game days. It will double as a E-Sports venue whenever there is no soccer game. On other days, it can be home to special events and parties. In many ways, this will be a pavilion structure that will be a gathering space.

The plans for the Stadium have not com without controversy. The biggest bit of which revolved around businesses being kicked out of their spaces on Olive Street. While it was only a few, it caused some problems as the business owners were not made aware until late September that they had to be out by Halloween. The buildings that would be demolished are 2018-24 Olive Street. 2008 Olive is owned by Kansas City based Abbott Properties and the latest Stadium plans appear to leave that building intact.

The Stadium, which is being designed by HOK and Julie Snow of Minneapolis based Snow Kreilich Architects, is supposed to break ground in the Spring and be ready by March 2022. Right now, the City and State are working on a deal where the City will acquire the necessary land from MODOT and then sell to the MLS4TheLou Ownership group. The Ownership Group will therefore pay taxes on the property as well as the upkeep of the Stadium.

A team name and colors have yet to be announced. The same goes for a corporate sponsorship of the Stadium. For more updates, please see

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