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New Condo Building Planned at Wydown and Hanley

A few years after “The Beacon” was cancelled following the City of Clayton yanking their RFP on the parking lot at Wydown and Hanley, a new proposal has appeared and will fulfill a portion of the vision originally presented in the 2016 plan. Cornerstone Development was the prospective developer then, Savoy Properties is the prospective developer now.

The project would only focus on the Hanley and Wydown frontages and will leave out the Forest Court side that “the Beacon” originally proposed. However, the development will require the demolition of two multifamily buildings on Hanley, which carries over from the Beacon plan, but is two less than that plan. A 100 space parking garage, with 41 spaces reserved as private parking, will be situated at grade and below grade. 3750SF of retail space will front Wydown. A colonnade, on the Hanley side of the building, will act as a partial buffer between cars on Hanley and pedestrians. The upper 3 floors will be 15 condos.

The design of the building will follow the Art Deco-Streamlined Moderne design, which bucks the trend of all glass or stucco facade buildings. The primary facade materials here will be concrete, brick, glass, and steel.

"The Beacon" - 2016 proposal.

I reached out to Savoy Properties regarding this project, and am waiting back to hear their response.

The current cost of the development is unknown. As was with the Beacon, this project will be designed by Core10 architects. No timeline is known either.

At this point, the project will be reviewed at the Clayton Board of Aldermen meeting on October 22nd. They’ll review whether or not to sell the city owned parking lot for this condo project.

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This a much better looking design. The original looked dated(I guess thats the point) and would not fit with the modern corridor or the new dev at Clayton and Hanley.

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