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Missouri Foundation for Health Wants to Demolish and Rebuild Corner Structure

On Monday, the Preservation Board will review a request to demolish a corner structure at 1400 Tower Grove Avenue. The structure recently collapsed and has thus made the building unstable for redevelopment use. The demolition must be reviewed by the Preservation Board due to it being within a National Historic District.

The new building will carry a similar design style to the existing building. Store fronts, arched windows and brick detailing will be recreated as a result of the replacement. Judging from renderings, the new building appears to be office space for the recently completed Missouri Foundation for Health next door. The small 4 family structure to the immediate South also appears to have a redevelopment plan in place. Although, I'm not quite sure what the exact plan for that is. HOK also appears to be acting as the architect on the new building.

The Cultural Resources Offices (CRO) of the City of St. Louis recommends demolition of the existing structure under the agreement that the MOFH will build a new structure in it's place following the demolition of the existing 1400 Tower Grove Avenue building.

The new building will be built in a portion of the Grove that has been seeing some interesting changes over the last few years. As stated, next door the Missouri Foundation for Health recently completed it's construction That project reused the vacant Columbia Iron Works building. Last Winter, Pier Property Group completed their Woodward Lofts project in the old Woodward Tiernan Building. At Tower Grove and Hunt, a new art space and residence is being built. Across the street from 1400 Tower Grove, the half block long, 2-story structure was recently acquired by a Chesterfield firm. No word on if a redevelopment is planned there. Finally, scattered throughout some lots nearby, the Grove South homes, Core @ Newstead and Adams Grove affordable housing is going up or has went up over the past few years.

No cost estimates were given for the project.

The current building as seen on Google streetview.

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