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Major Developments Planned Near Newstead and Vista

The new homes at Newstead and Vista, named "Core @ Newstead" have been accompanied with Adams Grove, an affordable housing development. Now, both of those developments will be joined by multiple other projects consisting of a mix of affordable and market rate apartments, and rowhomes.

The new developments will span 7 properties along Norfolk, Vista, Hunt, Taylor, and Newstead Avenues. Buildings will vary in height from 2-stories to 4. The architecture of a majority of each building differs from each other. The entire development will cost a total of $27,600,000 and will span 168 new housing units. I'll dive into detail about each new building here.

Hunt Avenue (Cover Image)….

This will be a 4-story, 33 unit apartment building with a built-in parking garage. The development will used a stepped design to allow some terraces to get natural light and to create a bit of a unique façade. The building will utilize brick and metal.

Taylor Avenue Apartments...

At Taylor and Vista, this yellowish brick building will rise 4-stories and include 35 apartment units as well as 36 parking spaces. This building's makeup will be...

- Efficiency: 9 Units

- 1 Bedroom: 19 Units

- 2 Bedroom: 7 Units

Norfolk Rowhomes...

These modern rowhomes will total 18 rowhomes and a variety of floor plans. In particular, there will be 14 one bedrooms and 4 two bedroom houses The facades facing Norfolk will be brick. Each home will have it's own parking pad in the back.

Vista Rowhomes...

Some may remember the "Potato Houses" that I wrote about earlier this year. They have now returned and include a different color scheme, mostly being made up by dark brick. The slanted roofs of these homes help match the slanted roofs of the Core @ Newstead Homes just down the street.

Newstead and Vista Apartment Buildings...

Two twin buildings on either side of Vista will greet people as they come home or visit friends on the 4400 block of Vista. The buildings follow a similar design to what was previously proposed a few years back for these sites. The two buildings will have a total combined apartment unit count of 60 apartments, and two retail spaces. 60 parking spaces will also be included.

All of the projects are being designed by JEMA and will be developed by Green Street. Green Street is a new entity on this project. The total cost of the development, as stated at the beginning of the story, will be $27.6 Million. Incentives will be sought on the project, the sites are currently under an 85% tax abatement. The total number of housing units will be 168. Of those 168 units...

- 10% of the units will be targeted towards those with 60% AMI.

- 41% of units targeting 80% AMI.

- 49% of units targeting 100% AMI.

Plans also call for Vista to be reconnected to Taylor Avenue, which would help ease the burden on Newstead and Vista of getting people to and from their homes and apartments.

The desire is to break ground in March 2020 with construction wrapping up in July 2021. The first occupants will move in by May 2021. Park Central will review this project at their September 24th Forest Park Southeast Development Committee Meeting.

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