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Koman Planning Office Space as Phase 2 of CHROMA

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Leasing sign.

The transformational project at Chouteau, Sarah, Papin and Manchester is ready to expand. CHROMA already has dramatically changed the Eastern entrance of the Grove from a sleepy area into one with a snazzy new building, retailers that will open in the coming months and a new plaza where Chouteau Avenue once connected to Manchester, but that transformation isn't quite done yet as the Koman Group and Greenstreet, the developers of CHROMA, are eyeing a Phase 2 on Sarah Street at Papin. The new building will add new office space to the Grove along with concealing the unsightly parking garage of CHROMA. The project itself is part of Koman's grand plans to redevelop the stretch of Sarah from Forest Park Avenue to Manchester.

The leasing sign, up at the corners of Sarah and the garage entrance and Papin and Sarah show what appears to be a single floor structure with a yellow neon sign on the roof. The design appears to be of a redeveloped warehouse look, which is a great connection as far as connecting Cortex to the Grove goes. The building's design also mimics Koman's Cortex K project just two blocks North. Because of this, the architecture firm will be BatesForum (formerly known as Forum) Studio. BatesForum is owned by Clayco.

The leasing sign states that there is up to 30,000SF of office space available. Building this much office space along Sarah Street is risky as Koman recently announced that their Cortex K project went up in size from 90,000SF to 120,000SF. As stated earlier, Cortex K is a few blocks North. There will also be some retail space on the first floor. Other details are still limited, such as the cost and contractor but incentives are sought as the sign states. Construction is expected to begin in March 2019 depending on demand for office space and if the economy holds up. This should warrant a mid-2020 completion.

SIte currently.

In my opinion, both Koman and Greenstreet are not utilizing the site to the fullest potential. A larger mixed use building would work well here (retail on first floor, office on second and third, residential on a 4th and 5th floor).

Across the street, Spencer Development has began their project known as 4101 Manchester. 4101 Manchester will be a 7 floor mixed use building with retail space on the first floor, parking on the second, office space on the third and residential on floors 4-7. That project is expected to be completed by Early 2020.

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CHROMA Phase 2:

4101 Manchester:

Below is a rendering of the Sarah Street corridor once all enhancements are made.

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