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Green Street Planning 308 Unit Apartment Building in the Grove

Green Street is continuing to invest in the Grove, and the City, with a new $54 Million apartment project in the Grove. The new building would be located at the corner of Swan of and Taylor, just a block South of the Manchester Ssrip.

The new building, which is being designed by Rosemann & Associates Architects, will rise on a site currently occupied by the former Plumbers Supply building. This is the same block that BJC intends to build a parking lot for it's employees, only that will be closer to Kingshighway. The development will also change this section of the Grove from a rundown industrial area to a vibrant neighborhood.

The project is a sizable one, at 308 units and 4 stories in height. It will be visible from Manchester as well as Kingshighway. It will also transform this section of the neighborhood into a dense residential area. This new building will not have retail space.

Parking will be dealt with by building a new parking garage, which will be hidden by the new building. Residents will park in said garage. Overall, the building's aesthetics appear to be leaning more towards Chroma. From the site's physical location to the general layout of the building, this could be considered Chroma's sister development, just in a different part of the Grove.

Other enhancements to the area include new lighting and sidewalks. The West side of Taylor avenue does not contain sidewalks, so the new plan will build some as an improvement to the overall neighborhood and to increase walkability.

Green Street's desire is to break ground on the project in April of 2020. Construction should complete a little over a year later in June 2021. Green Street will seek incentives to cover the building's infrastructure costs. Park Central Development will review this project at their September 24th Forest Park Southeast Development Committee meeting.

Additional renderings are below...

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