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Forsyth Pointe Returns and Grows Larger

When it was unveiled in February 2017, KP Development's (now US Capital's) Forsyth Pointe project was planned to add much needed office space to Downtown Clayton. It was last heard of on March 6th, 2017 at a Clayton Architectural Review Board meeting and then it slowly faded away. The assumed number one reason it faded away was because of how Forsyth Pointe interfered with Flaherty and Collins' Shaw Park Apartments tower that would be built right next door.

The original Forsyth Pointe proposal would've blocked tons of Eastern facing units making them not valuable and potentially causing Flaherty and Collins to dump their project altogether. But instead of giving up, both parties came to the table and agreed on the issue at hand bringing us to Forsyth Pointe version 2. The new version significantly moves the office portion Eastward while keeping the parking garage in the same dimensions as before. The movement of the office building allows for Flaherty and Collins' Eastern facing apartments to still have views of Clayton despite a new building being built next door.

The movement reduced the amount of floor area available in Forsyth Pointe so instead, two more floors were added to the design to make up for the loss of floor area. So the height of the building grew from 9 floor to 12 floors (or 142FT to 190FT) and square footage increase from 60,000SF to 115,000SF. Other aspects of the original design were kept such as the cantilevered roof and podium base design. Retail was also kept. The most notable addition to the building's design are balconies on the Southwest corner of the building. These balconies are meant to provide office tenants with views of Shaw Park and Clayton in general.

The new building will be replace US Capital's offices that currently lie on the site. US Capital will then move into Forsyth Pointe upon it's completion. BatesForum is being retained as the project's architect. As of this story's writing, only two floors are available for prospective tenants to lease out. No price per square foot per year was given but US Capital is going for a Class A+ Building with LEED certification.

The revised design should make an appearance before the Clayton Architectural Review Board before beginning construction, which is expected to start later this year. When completed, Forsyth Pointe will be a new Downtown Clayton landmark due to it's design.

Forsyth Pointe will be located at 8117-8125 Forsyth in Downtown Clayton.


The renderings below are the previous design of Forsyth Pointe. You can see how portions of the old design made it into the latest plans. This older plan would've cost $16 Million. The new price of the building was not disclosed.

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