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Forsyth Pointe Grows to Include Second Tower

Now up to it's 4th design iteration, US Capital Development's Forsyth Pointe is aiming to transform more than most people originally thought.

The newest plans, submitted to the City of Clayton for review at the Architectural Review Board, show off two, all glass towers of 14 and 16 floors each. A large parking garage at the base connects the two buildings. A parking garage entrance will be located on Forsyth and in the alley, but no new curb cut will be made. The entrance on Forsyth is currently an alley, so it will be utilized as the garage entrance. Space count: 1250 parking spaces.

The first floor will include retail space on the Brentwood, Forsyth, and Meramec sides. The total amount of retail equals out to be 24,012SF, which is a great amount. With ground level activation, it will be a decent place to walk by.

The amount of office space has also grown with the addition of the second (Eastern) tower. The latest amount is 457,198SF of Class A office space. A large amount, but for a city like Clayton where vacancy rates are low, this will be eaten up quickly.

The overall building design has changed as well, which marks the end of Remiger Design's involvement in the project. Christner is the architecture firm working on the project. The introduction of Christner onto the project represents the third architecture firm to work on the project since it's conception in February 2017. Since then, Forum Studio and Remiger Design have been architects.

No updated cost or timeline for the project were provided in the Architectural Review Board documents. No meeting date has been set with the A.R.B. either.

Future Projects Coming to Clayton

Clayton is continuing to boom and the projects in the pipeline reflect that. Projects such as Fred Kummer's project, the AC Hotel, and the Residence Inn Hotel will change the skyline of Clayton while a project like the Sheraton to LeMeridien renovation aims to reskin an existing building in the skyline. All go to show that Clayton remains hot for development.

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