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Demolition Alert: 744 South 4th

A demoltion by neglect appears to be brewing just South of Downtown. 744 South 4th and the neighboring Broadway Oyster House Graffiti Garage have been fenced in and closed for a while now. Both buildings look depressing and 744 South 4th looks as though it’s ready to collapse on it’s own. Both of the buildings are owned by an entity that owns the Meineke store just up 4th and they also own a majority of the block. The owner’s address is 14949 Manchester Road in Ballwin. That is the address of a Dent Devil shop.

A denoltion permit was applied for 5 years ago for these structures but was never approved. The assumed usage after demolition is a parking lot. The demolition of the structures would compromise even more of the historic 4th Street Wall. I will be keeping an eye on these structures and any permits that are applied for either of them.

NOTE: Demolition may have to be green lighted by the Preservation Board.

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