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Crestwood City Center Shrinks, Gets New Site Plan

Last September, the long awaited redevelopment plan for the former Crestwood Mall Site was unveiled. It brought tons of apartments, over 200,000SF of office space and well over 100,000SF of retail space. Now, as we near the start of construction on the project, which will involve the office building, 2 parking garages and some apartments, a new site plan has surfaced showing a slightly different plan that was presented. The overall development has also shrunk on the office and apartment side of things.

First off, the office building has been rotated. It no longer bookends the “Main Street” of the City Center. The previous plan had the building at the end of the Main Street to create a better experience and make the development appear urban in design. Unfortunately now, the Eastern end of the Main Street will have a Plaza with a parking garage on the Northern side and a sliver of the office building on the South. The office building does retain the 200,000SF size. According to documents, the building was rotated to provide more signage options facing Watson Road.

Second, the entertainment portion of the development, a movie theater, now has a large outdoor plaza welcoming visitors to the theater. Previously, two buildings created a “U” shaped entrance to the movie theater and had more space for retail stores and restaurants. The movie theater will retain it’s 12 screens.

Third, some of the residential units were cut as a new design was apparently chosen. There will be a total of 414 apartment units, which isn’t bad. The original number was never specified so it’s hard to compare but you can clearly tell that the apartment buildings were redesigned. A parking garage was also added between two apartment buildings to serve the residents there. Retail space remains at the base of the residential buildings.

Elsewhere, some of the out lots have changed. And a medical office building was removed in favor of a grocery store building. More surface parking was also added with a grand total of parking coming to 3558 spaces.

The first phase of the development should begin this summer. The office building has had a ton of interest from tenants but no names have been floated around. I would expect to hear more on that side soon. To wrap up, no new renderings have been released.

Developer: Walpert Properties

Architect: Remiger Design

Builder: HBD Construction

Cost: Over $100 Million

Below is an older aerial rendering. This is from a marketing document from Scout Realty.

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