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Construction Begins on Townhomes in the Central West End

As the Central West End's boom continues, apartments have taken center stage for the past several years. Projects such as Citizen Park, The Orion, The Euclid, One Hundred, and 4545 Laclede have led the neighborhood's fast growth. However, a mixture of other projects of different usages have popped up recently including the AC Hotel on York, the Hotel Indigo conversion, 4101 Laclede condos, and the Artizen (4101 West Pine) townhomes. Now, another townhouse project is ready to rise at 4201 West Pine. This project is to be called, West Village.

Built by an entity called "Malibu Sands One LLC", the development will consist of 6 luxury townhomes on a small and vacant piece of land on West Pine. Each townhouse will stand 4-stories and have white brick cladding the façade. Developer Kyle Hennessey says that the competitive advantage over other projects will be the ultra high-end design and higher than average ceilings.

Each home will have the ability to be customized by potential owners. Things such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, paint colors, elevator upgrades and more will be available for customization by the potential owners. Technology upgrades will also be available to make these the most technologically advanced houses in the Central West End and in the city.

In addition to the upgrades, each home comes standard with a 2 car garage, up to 3-bedrooms, a rooftop deck, private elevator, and private terraces with Nano doors. To access the parking garage, residents will utilize a driveway that is connected to the alley. No new curb cut will be made on West Pine.

The West Village Townhomes will start at $700,000 for a basic configuration and will go for over $1 Million with multiple upgrades. The Halterman-Stix Group, of Sotheby's Real Estate, will be marketing the houses.

As of September 1st, 2019, the homes are in the early construction phase. Fencing has been placed around the site. Excavation for the basement will begin soon.

West Village townhomes comes from the New York City neighborhood. It follows a similar naming pattern in projects that Kyle Hennessey has worked on. Those are TriBeCa and Chelsea in the Debaliviere Place Neighborhood.

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Exquisite post modernist design with old world echoes in the painted brick and balconies. Beautifully proportioned too. But does the design hug the street in contrast to the set back mansions along side West Pine? If so, this would break up the facade plane of the street as a whole. On the other hand this would be perfect for say, Soulard. Also the rendering does not at all suggest access to the basement garages from the rear; neither does it even hint at the terrace at the rear. Another discrepancy between the rendering and the floor plans is the absence of the balconies in front. Despite these technical glitches, the project is wonderful in just about every way.

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