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Chroma 2 Office Unveiled

Chroma 2 Office building.

The final phase of the massive block sized development in the Grove, Chroma, now has a rendering for the 2-story office building to be built between the planned Chroma 2 Apartments and the driveway into the existing parking garage.

The desire to build an office building at Chroma has been around for some time and as Green Street and Koman ramp up their investments in the area, Chroma Phase 2 will join in to the mix. The Phase 2 projects will also join into the unprecedented growth of the City's Central Corridor and the rapid change of Sarah Street from Manchester in the Grove to Duncan in Cortex. The design of the "boutique" office building will be far different than Chroma Phase 1 and Phase 2's residential portion.

The new office building will have expansive floor plates with large floor to ceiling windows. The façade will be made up of a gray brick and black metal accenting. There will also be a rooftop deck that will give tenants views of the Grove and surrounding area. In terms of height, the second floor of office space will be the 3rd floor of Chroma 2 residential or Chroma Phase 1. The rooftop deck will be giving tenants views as if they are on the 4th floor of apartments at Chroma 1 and 2.

According to a marketing booklet from the DCM Group, the building is ideal for a tenant who is wanting their own building. The total amount of floor space equals 18,870SF. The rooftop deck will be 3000SF in itself. Chroma 2 Office, as it is known by, will also allow a tenant to brand the building with their own signage. One down size is the lack of retail space along Sarah. However, that is made up by office space being at ground level with large windows allowing for pedestrians to see in and office workers to see out.

Rental rates will be $29.50PSF per year, a premium for the neighborhood but you are paying for the easy access to major roadways, proximity to Cortex, and proximity to numerous restaurants and bars. The parking ratio for the building will be 5 spaces per 1000SF, which is figured by the parking lot across the street, on street parking and the parking garage immediately East.

Chroma 2 Office will carry a similar design style to Koman's Cortex K, which is 3 blocks North at Sarah and Clayton. From window design to brick design, they'll look visually similar. This has led me to the conclusion that Midtown based Remiger Design is leading the design portion of the Chroma 2 Office project, but I can't confirm. That brings the total number of architects used on the massive Chroma development up to 3: Humphrey's & Partners, VE Design Group, and Remiger Design.

The neighboring Chroma Phase 2 Residential. Designed by VE Design Group.

If all goes according to plan, the office building, and Chroma 2 Residential, should begin later this Summer. A construction permit was applied for on May 16th, but has yet to be issued. Both portions will be ready sometime in 2020. The residential building is an $11 Million project in itself. The cost of Chroma 2 Office wasn't specified.

Below is a rendering of Koman's Cortex K.

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