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Blackline Plans Apartments, Commercial Space at 2000 North Broadway

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

More than a year and a half after CityScene STL posted about the planned $20 Million redevelopment of 2000 North Broadway into office and industrial space, a new plan has emerged by Blackline, and this one takes on a more mixed-use approach.

According to the City of St. Louis Planning Commission, plans call for the building, at the Northeast corner of the Broadway and Chambers intersection, to be turned into 146 low-income apartments, 11,150sf of commercial space, and 144 parking spaces on a surface parking lot. The inclusion of apartments in this plan means that this will be the first building in this part of town to include residential housing and could kick off additional projects based on its future success. The development has the name "Standard Stamping Building", which is an ode to a previous tenant.

Other improvements will include the apparent reconstruction of the cornice, cleaning of the facade and pedestrian infrastructure around the building. Views dream the upper floors of the building are expected to provide views of the Downtown and Central Corridor skyline, the Mississippi River, North St. Louis, and the Stan Musial Bridge.

At a cost of $34 Million, it's no small investment for an area that still retains a good amount of it's old industrial character, which is a bonus for those looking to invest in the neighborhood and turn it into a housing-oriented district on the Riverfront. The site is pretty disconnected from several neighborhoods, including Downtown and Old North, by industrial usages, empty buildings, overgrown lots, and highways. However, if the project kicks off a series of other developments in the area, then it will slowly be connected to other areas. In many ways, this project can be viewed similarly to what Steelcote Lofts is in Midtown, which is a residential project in an industrial neighborhood that is now slowly being converted into mixed-usages and becoming more connected to the surrounding City.

2000 North Broadway as seen in May 2019.

The Planning Commission will review the project, which is seeking a rezoning of the property from Type "K" - Unrestricted, to Type "H" - Area Commercial, at their December 2nd, 2020 meeting. The rezoning is required for the project since it includes residential apartments. Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard (5th Ward) is supportive of the project and the rezoning request.

1920 North Broadway by Virescent Architecture and Design.

Just 1 block South of here, the building at 1920 North Broadway is set to undergo renovation into office and warehouse space. That project is currently out for bid with bids due back December 4th. Architectural work there is being done by Virescent Architecture and Design, which is led by Jessica Deem.

Special Note: The announcement of apartments at 2000 North Broadway brings the total number of new apartments unveiled, or mentioned, in the City of St. Louis within a 2-day timeframe up to 942 apartments. The total number of planned, or underway, apartment units in the City limits is estimated at 6,494 apartments (both luxury and more affordable). The number is estimated due to 6 projects not having their apartment unit numbers publicly available.

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